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  1. Whats up! been ages since I played Dont really know what im doing anymore, but seems theres so much new stuff, also can someone explain the posting system? everytime i post my "score" goes up by $2 xD
  2. Hi I'm back playing somewhat casually. Hoping to chat with all the new faces and if anyone wants to show me some of the new stuff or chat pm me ❤️ I've checked out some of the recent updates and its looking lit
  3. I dont really understand the suggestion tbh. I get a better starter weapon would be useful but what do you mean by maxing it
  4. tbh a sicle would be impressive in an hr. should be intresting tho i might give it a shot.
  5. Imagine still being a fan of star wars and shrek in 2k18 wow yeah.. wow.. umm.. well.. haha ur a forums mod you have to delete threads and stuff what a waste of time and uh... ha.. haha.. hahaha... *walks away* i'm terrible at this
  6. Hc Maximum

    Yoda Out

    Take care buddy was always fun seeing you on discord
  7. Really dope update, Love the achievements and showing some love for sponsors with the olafs. Keep up the amazing work guys!
  8. pretty sure i've seen someone ingame called goku gains welcome to the server buddy
  9. Welcome to the forums side! I hope your enjoying your time on dreamscape so far, you can always pm me in game- hc maximum
  10. Thanks for everything bowwow, you were an amazing gambling manager. Your streams and videos are really good and I’m glad to see your still gonna be making lit content
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