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Update 150.5: Slayer Additions, Bug Fixes, New Global Boss?!


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Slayer Global Drops:

We have added a global drop table to slayer tasks to add more value to the daily slayer grind! 




10,000-100,000 Ds Coins



Antique Lamp

Dream Potion of Range

Dream Strength Potion

Dream Magic Potion



Archer's Blessing 

Berserkers Blessing

Berserkers Blessing

Wizards Blessing

Box of Wisdom

Slayer Key



Level 1 Pet totems

Box of Totems

Bracelet charges for Expeditious and Slaughter

2x Slayer Keys









An early beta release of one of our BRAND NEW global bosses! 

If you are a Sponsor Rank+ you will be able to participate in this global event every 30 minutes! 


Global Boss: Bomberman

Spawns: Every 30 minutes

Requirements: Sponsor+ Rank

How to get there:  MIsc. Section of Teleport Interface & ::bomberman command

HP: 25,000,000

Damage Cap: 200K



Grants 15% Drop rate boost for 10 minutes



Top 25 players who did the most amount of damage to the boss will have a chance receive a drop from the unique drop table:

All players will receive a static drop 


 Static Drop Table:

20-50 Gold DS Coins



Always ( common ) if none of the rest of the table hit 

10x gold DS coins - 4256



1 in 10

25 x Gold DS coins

1x 2x Damage Card

1x Box of Wisdom 

10% Drop rate card 



1 in 30

1 x Kismet Box

100 x gold Ds coins 

1x Executive Totem Goodiebox

1x Descimator9000 Goodiebox

1x Ultra Pet Box

2x Mega Lottery Box

1x Box of Testaments

1x Box of Totems

1x Perfect Enchantment Stone



1 in 150

1x World Globe Pet

2x Box of Testaments 

3x Perfect Enchantment Stone

500x Gold DS Coin

3x Executive Totem Goodiebox 





 ? Allow players to disable hard tasks

 ?Added an Open X feature to Slayer Chest

 ?Changed the required players to 1 for Arrav

 ?Added additional spawns of Oblivion dragon

 ?Fixed an issue with Co-Op Slayer

 ?Lowered the maximum task amount for hard tasks to 75

 ?Fixed model issues with several slayer monsters

?Fixed model issues with the Slayer Morphing ring

?Increased the amount of people who get credit for kills at raid bosses

?Fixed teleport location of multiple slayer NPCs

?Ensured kill count worked for Corporal beast at donator zones

?Removed attack GFX from Krumm

?Fixed an issue with Autogrinder not giving credit for double drops

?Disabled One-Hit items at Slayer Tower

?Removed the ability for Potion of Aggression to affect Vorkath

?Fixed an issue with flowers disappearing in flower poker

?Lowered max hit of raiden

?Added chat announcement on rare drops from slayer chest

?Boss tasks can only be given with hard tasks enabled

?Changed the size of a Timon, Pumba, and Perry the Platypus pet

?Added server announcements for slayer prestige

?Fixed gloves model in May plat crate

?Set the vote streak bonus to 3 redeems instead of 4 redeems

?Changed font color of the item grinder text

?OpenGL performance enhancements

?Added a 24 hour timer to ::code redeems

?Added ability to click an item name in POS to bring up all listings

?Make oblivion dragon non aggressive

?Fix a crash when the camera is out of the scene

? Add the ability to disable slayer unlocks

? Fixed drop announcements from Scrooge McDuck










Added Cosmo effect to Nocturnal Umbral

Increased the amount of hits to Huntir's Glaive

Added 50x50 to Big Splat



If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 





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