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  1. I things so be great idea tu be able remove battle pet to normal again. Like if if player makes thanos battle pet and after teo weeks he buy like example shadow pet and get other one from picks. And they he make that shadow battle pet to him dont need thanos pet
  2. I heard that will be lit dp in this month right?
  3. Atleast now im be able to kill that dragon
  4. Thanks for all awesome events witch you hosting. I thing in near future that events become bigger and bigger
  5. Username: paulinso157Rank In-game: Platinum PartnerProof (screenshot):https://gyazo.com/66343f6d52f056b4c0baff1c130491c0
  6. https://imgur.com/FzRt0CF https://imgur.com/ICd9qxD
  7. Hey chuck you can make event like who wanna be a millionare? Witch you asking people question about dreamscape. And Any question have prize like first question reward 1q second question 2q and like that. And if you answer wrong you lost all your won money

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