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  1. Username: HC DirtyRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  2. So, I am pretty sure most of you have seen me in game. I am an old DS player that came back to find some old friends and see how the server has progressed. I left back in 2017 and my main account is currently nulled with a mayo pet on it. If you want to hit me up in game I would be more than happy. My IGN is HC Dirty My old IGN was Bubbaduddles back in the day. Yes, I do have a gambling addiction XD
  3. Thank you VERY MUCH for the Quality of life updates with this.
  4. Hey man, I am happy to see you coming back to Redemption 😄 If you need a buddy in the game just hit me up - HC Dirty
  5. There does seem to be a few bugs with AFK patrol, but I believe the dev team is already working on a fix. It is a needed part of the game so we don't have a legion of bots overtaking the game :D
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