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Update #11: Araxxor, New Season Pass, Buffed Slayer Drops and MORE!


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  1.                                                                                                     Araxxor.png.66a70ab3c59538fd3e5e61a73a9f923b.png





?️Drop Table:?️


?️ Always Drops:?️

 25-100 gold coins

 5-15 Rax Eggs


?️Common Drops: ?️


5-25 Rax Eggs

1-2 Rax Eyes

2-4 Mega Lottery boxes

2-3 Royal Mystery Boxes

100-250 gold coin


?️Uncommon Drops?️


50-80 Rax Eggs

2-6 Rax Eyes

1-3 Perfect Enchantment Stones

15 Crystal Key (+)

200-400 Gold Coin



125-175 Rax Eggs

10-20 Rax Eyes

1-2 Extreme Boost Potion

1-3 Potion of suffering

1-2 Potion of Aggression

300-600 Gold Coin


?Rare Drops: 1:1250?

Leg of Araxxor (Minion Path only)

Fang of Araxxor (Dark Path only)

Ancient Primal Effigy

250 Rax Eggs

1 Dream Enchantment Stones


?Ultra Rare Drops: 1:2500?

Araxxor Web

Araxxor Abdomen

Perfect Upgrade Ward

5-10 Platinum Coins



Araxyte pet



. 30% Drop Rate
. 20% Luck Bonus
. Healing
. Prayer Restore Perks
. Increase egg drops by 50%
. Boosts enrage % on next roll


Drops Explained:

Rax Eggs

Works similar to Draconic remains & nightmare coins. 100 will be able to be converted into keys to be used on the new Spider chest.


Spider Chest


Drop Table:


Common Drops: 


1-2 Rax Eyes

5 Mega Lottery boxes

1 Royal Mystery Boxes

100-250 gold coin


Uncommon Drops:


2-6 Rax Eyes

1-3 Perfect Enchantment Stones

200-400 Gold Coin



Rare Drops: 

Ancient Primal Effigy

1 Dream Enchantment Stones

1 Platinum Coin


Ultra Rare Drops: 

5-10 Platinum Coins

Araxyte pet

Noxious Crossbow

Noxious Off-hand


Rax Eyes:

 New herblore secondary. Adding it to existing potions will double their active duration per dose or create an overload effect on others. Can be used on the following potions:

Potion of suffering > Extended potion of suffering

Slayer damage potion > Extended slayer damage potion

Extreme Boost Potion > Extended Extreme Boost Potion

Herb level required = Herb level needed to make Initial potion + 5 levels


New Main hand & Offhand Items:

 Main hand (Tainted Crossbow) - Created by combining the leg, fang & web of araxxor in the draconic forge. Base upgrade chance to be 5%

 Offhand (Tainted Off-hand) - Created by combining the leg, fang & abdomen of araxxor in the draconic forge.

Base upgrade chance to be 5%

All Araxxor parts are tradable.

The Main hand & off-hand are not.









?️ Welcome to Season Pass 7!  ?️

? This season will introduce the Season 7 Ice & Fire set! ‍?


fire ice set interface.png








  • new-launcher.png.68b2c989e177dc532b3f2282431d0360.png





Core System Changes


Optimized for loading times

Automates native backend plugins allow you to always be on latest software

Optimize OpenGL render settings to automate toggle if using an non-integrated GPU

Switched JS5 loading to SQLLITE allowing easier editing of files

Fancy background and loading screen






?(QOL) Added Hespori Timer

?Changed Zulrah Pet Perks

?Platinum Slots x10 Roll Feature Button

?Convert slayer chest to hot drops

?Collection Log grinder issue

?KZT Custom order (FIX)

?Fear Custom Order (FIX)

?Lodsmok graphic issues

?Berrymccaulk Custom Order (FIX)

 ?D4rkbl1tz Custom Order

?Fixed MR X teleport issue

?Damage reduction on grotesque guardians

?Royalclutch Custom Cape (FIX)

? Added more tekashi's castle paths

?Lodsmok animation fix

?Alert beta testers whenever server is online

?God'smain hand released with OP Goodiebox https://redemptionrsps.fandom.com/wiki/OP_Goodiebox

?Reworked click award interface to give rewards based on being a recent donator

?Max bet changed on roulette table to 30b

?Community admins can now reset two factor auth requests

?Admins can use stats editor for custom order requests

?Youtubers now have a proper command to their channels

?Prevent staff from being checked for spam messages



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