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  1. Goood stuff love new stuff, this gambling addiction Will get me killed xD
  2. Can't complain on what dibbsy said ❤️
  3. I just wanna say, i like the nightmare update alot, just could change hm coins u have to actually get the key.
  4. https://gyazo.com/8324f110c111d4f10dd099e26969c9bb https://gyazo.com/1677d2d878dbb6ad572f55543bb3db24
  5. until

    nomnomnom ❤️
  6. My little toxic torva with the matching 420 blaze it cape and lava mg ❤️
  7. Hello everyone. My suggestion is all about the pets, first of all i think it's great that u have disabled the pets in dicezone, because of the flower poker. Now there's no pet's on the plant's so you acctually can see what people plant. Now to the suggestion, 1st of all i think you can have the pets outside the flowerpoker room because of when you dice, you see the numbers in the chat and not on the ground. WHY?? Beacause people like me and probably others want's to use their pets for the luck percentage to open the code key chest. An option is that you could add the chest somewhere else in the game so you could go there and try your luck with your pet 😄
  8. Thanks guys, thnx alot ❤️
  9. welcome back sir. hope you will enjoy the updates ?
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