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  1. Outstanding update as always! Skyboxes really do just add such a nice touch as well! Huge well done to the entire team! 💗
  2. Hey Zonz, we've spoken a little in game already, so nice to see you here too! Welcome back! As you might have guessed, a lot has changed since 2015 so feel free to ask any questions you might have
  3. Prosignia

    Hey all

    Welcome to Redemption! Hope you've been enjoying your time here so far and please feel free to ask any questions should you have them! Hope I'll see you round in game soon
  4. Prosignia


    Welcome livid! Glad to have you here. If you have any questions, our ::wiki may help or feel free to just ask anyone in our awesome community via the help cc! Hope to see you in game soon @valteriilgrande you can play the game for free, and do almost anything without paying, however donations are always available as an option should you wish to do so and will speed up progression/unlock new areas etc. If you want info on donations then just message any of our donation admins in game for info. Same also applies above - check out our ::wiki, do ::info in game and feel free to ask any questions whenever you have them ❤️
  5. Welcome! When I first started things were so different to what I expected and a little overwhelming but I found the wiki and help cc were amazing and helped me out with every question I had. Were all here for you if you need any assistance, just ask! ❤️
  6. Really outstanding update, absolutely love it! It's clear so much hard work has gone into this - Keep it up!💗
  7. Welcome! Glad you're enjoying the game and the awesome community always nice to hear. I agree the community here is amazing - I remember when I started and the community had me hooked straight away too
  8. Hey Crutexx, we spoke a little the other day - I think you'll really enjoy yourself and fit in well with the community here ❤️ Glad you decided to drop in here too feel free to hit me up if you get stuck anywhere!
  9. Prosignia


    Welcome! Not had the chance to meet in-game yet, but feel free to send me a PM if you get stuck anywhere
  10. Awesome update! Ya'll never fail to amaze me💗 Loving the money tree and hope I can check out that stream boss soon!
  11. Hey skd, welcome to the server! There's so much awesome content in game so I'm sure you'll have plenty to enjoy. If you find yourself unsure on something, just shoot me a PM or ask in the help CC and we'll point you in the right direction
  12. Welcome! Looking forward to checking out the new videos Hopefully see you in game soon but If you have any questions, you can message me any time!
  13. Hey L0lpk thanks for popping in to introduce yourself and congrats on the little one hope you don't lose too much sleep! Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about the game
  14. Hey Valiturus, thanks for checking in to say hi, and welcome! I'm sure you'll love it here - we've got an amazing community and so much awesome stuff to do in game! If you need any pointers, please feel free to ask in help cc or pm me any time
  15. Prosignia


    Welcome xexe! Hope you're enjoying the game so far, and please do feel free to ask if you have any questions Hope to see you in game soon!
  16. Hey Ace! Thanks for the (re)introduction, I've seen you really helping out ALOT in game so now it all makes sense! Really glad you're enjoying yourself - there has been a ton of changes and I personally think it's going to get better and better ❤️
  17. Absolute fire update! Can't wait to get in and give this a go - Amazing job as always!❤️
  18. Hey blacksages, welcome! We're glad to have you here and hope youre enjoying it so far. I'm sure I'll see you in game soon, hit me up if you need anything!
  19. Hi Blank and welcome to Redemption! Make sure you check out the wiki post heph sent and join some of our awesome events and giveaways. If you have any questions at all, just send me a PM and I'll help you out
  20. Welcome! As squishy said, the wiki is a real life saver for new players - I would have been lost without it when I first started too! Looking forward to seeing you in game sir, let me know if you need anything
  21. Unfortunately the "::wiki search term" to get directly to a page is currently case sensitive. To get to Stone of Redemption, it's ::wiki Stone of Redemption
  22. Hey Jonkie, I love you attitude! Welcome to Redemption, I hope to see you in game some time soon Feel free to ask any questions on here, discord or in game if you need anything!
  23. Hey there Valor, welcome to Redemption! As sinzzu said, this is quite a bit different to OSRS, so feel free to ask any questions you need to and be sure to check out the ::wiki for some great information
  24. Hi A R T, welcome back! I hope you end up staying for a long time and enjoy this awesome server with the rest of us Let me know if there's ever anything you need assistance with
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