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  1. Unreal update! So much new content! Love the challenge of the new bosses 💝 Oustanding as always!
  2. The content just keeps on coming Cracking update as always!
  3. Looking forward to getting some Olm parties goin and getting some nice Zodiac upgrades 😮 Tremendous work as always, Dev team! Keep it up ❤️
  4. Another absolute banger from Willy and the team! Outstanding as always! Can't wait to smash those prestiges
  5. Loads of nice QOL improvements and some nice additions! Amazing work as always, keep it up!
  6. Awesome update as always! Honestly can't wait to cook some heavenly delicacies and salvage some stuff! Incredible work ?
  7. ❤️?❤️???! Looks incredible! Can't wait to give it a shot! Outstanding work as always from our amazing development team ❤️
  8. Hey Lucarren, Welcome back man! Some of the recent updates have been insane, so be sure to check everything out and ask any questions you may have since a ton has changed Hope to see you around in game soon!
  9. Welcome back man! Love to see players returning Hope you do stick around as there's a ton of new stuff going on and if you need any help with things in game, please just ask!
  10. Welcome back Jakeofc! Glad you're getting back into it Obviously a ton has changed in the past year, so don't feel bad about asking if you're unsure on anything!
  11. Hey Marlboroman, welcome to Redemption!! Hope you're enjoying what you've seen so far, and feel free to ask any questions if you're stuck on anything! See you in game
  12. Prosignia


    Welcome Lesgo! Hope you're enjoying the server so far If you have any questions on anything, please don't hesitate to ask!
  13. Hey Hakaiishin, Welcome to Redemption! We have so much custom information in game that the cache is fairly big so upon first loading, things can take a little time. If your PC is struggling with things, you can also try using the entity hider or changing graphics options in settings too. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in game/here/discord!
  14. Welcome Jyrith! Glad you're enjoying the server and congrats on platinum!
  15. Prosignia


    Hey justme, thanks a lot for taking the time to show your appreciation and welcome to the server! Hope you really enjoy your time here, and please do feel free to ask any questions you have with any of our awesome staff team ?
  16. Absolutely insane update as always! Really cannot wait to get my hands on that blood rush set!!! OUTSTANDING!
  17. Hey, Welcome back! If you've lost access to your account, you could try to recover it via our discord - just do ::discord in game then head to #support and open a ticket
  18. Yeah I'd like to see some poems Make one about the Redemption community ?
  19. Another great Redemptions Delight - Awesome work as always! I think the staff interviews are a great addition ❤️ Keep 'em coming!!
  20. Welcome back! A lot has changed, hope you're enjoying the new content ?
  21. Oh wow! Incredible update! So many things to try out - Can't wait!!! Amazing job, as always!
  22. Awesome job everyone! Congrats! Thank you all who voted for me too ❤️ Really appreciate it
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