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DreamScape Update! Star Box! SuperStar Box! Cosmetic Pets and MORE! Update 144!


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This new box has a cycling drop table! Who knows what can be found in this box!


These boxes will only ever be obtained from the store so we can have no limits on what we can add! 


Players can use ::checkstarbox to see what exclusive rewards are added at the time! 

At the time of this update you will find some juicy prizes in the box ranging from 6th Anniversary items to High-End store items! 

Will you be the first to obtain the 6th Anniversary Bow? Maybe you will get your hands on a Baby Yoda Pet?






For those magnificent people that want a little more, you can take a look at the SuperStar Box! This box takes everything you love about the Star Box and makes it that much better! 



🔥3 Rolls from the Star Box Drop table🔥

1-50 Gold DScoins

1 2.5x Damage Card

1 x Grand Lottery Book 

1 x 10% Drop Rate Card


The 10% Drop Rate Card will boost a players drop rate by an additional 10% for 60 minutes! 





Have you ever loved the way a pet looks but didn't want to give up the stats of the amazing pet you already have? No need to worry with our new Pet Cosmetic Override System! Using the Cosmetic Pet Override Unlock Book will allow the player to use the visual of a pet while retaining the stats of your battle pet! Now you can use all the beautiful pets and still keep your top damage, drop rate and more! 


Once you have used the Cosmetic Pet Override Book you will notice a new right click option on your battle pet. This will allow you to select the new override option then select a pet in your inventory you wish to use as the visual override. 

(You will notice a * beside players pets that are using a cosmetic override.)






We noticed the Pet Mystery Box was a little outdated so we decided to upgrade it with the new Ultra Pet Box! 






Space Invader Pet 

Pet Mystery Box

Groudon Pet

Knuckles Pet

Grimlock Pet

Optimus Prime Pet


1 in 150

Necromancer JR

Phoenix Egg

Pacman JR Pet

Diablo JR


1 in 500

Helicopter Pet

Rick Pet

Morty Pet

Turkey Pet

Bikini Pet

Yoda Pet

Camel Pet


1 in 1000

Thanos Pet

Mimic Pet 

World's Globe Pet

Puffer Fish Pet


1 in 2000

Ultron Pet

Hades Pet

Skotos Pet

Vorki Pet

Ikkle Hydra Pet

Kangaroo Pet

Gumby Pet


1 in 3000

Among Us Pets (12 colors) 

Nutella Pet

Pepper Pet

Nightmare Pet

GC-11 Pet

Dark Magician Girl Pet

Chucky Pet


1 in 5000

Baby Yoda Pet

Shadow Pet

Vending Machine Pet




We all love the thrill of opening boxes and of gambling, so why not combine the two? 

Introducing a new type of Goodiebox gambling: Battle Box! 


You will now notice a new option when you go to gamble! 

When you select this option you can put up goodieboxes of the same type and the player with the higher reward gets to keep both prizes! 




Players can now sell items over 20b in Player Owned Shop system! This should open up the market for some of those high end items to begin to trade hands a little more often ❤️ 



(P.S. the lottery box is not worth 200b)




Have you ever looked at a box and wondered what was inside? We took the time to sort out some of our higher end boxes and allow players the ability to right click a box and view all the possible rewards! :) 


(Note: If there is a box you would like added, please send the suggestion to Adams) 







In order to make the 6th Anniversary Items a little more common, we have made the drops from the 6th Anniversary Box slightly more common as well as giving two rewards at once! 




We have lowered the drop rates on the 6th anniversary items to 1 in 750 with double chances in every box! 




We have decided to add an additional thank you for all of our donators with the new Donation Boss! 

This system works similarly to the Donation Drop Party as the boss will spawn after a certain amount has been donated. 

There are two tiers to this boss!

Tier 1 - Uncle Pennybags (Temporarily Santa Clause) - will spawn after $1000 has been donated and all players that are Sponsor Rank+ are free to teleport to this boss when it spawns! This boss has a range of drops all the way up to Shadow Pet! 





Tier 2 - Scrooge McDuck - will spawn after $500 has been donated and will be available only to players that have donated $30 within the current week or $100 within the current month! This is an added thank you for donating and contains most store related rewards including infinity aura, shadow pet and more! 





No spoilers can be found in this update thread, ::Vote to find out who our new Vote bosses are! (They each have pets too)


We will continue to keep the Vote boss fresh and fun for the community as we do appreciate you all continuing to make Dreamscape the #1 Custom server.







Fixed an issue with 6th Anniversary Rifle's not working. 

Addressed a command issue in instances. 

Added a new ::donocaps command to ensure players have easy access to our donation caps.

Addressed an issue when players purchased more items than the inventory could hold from platinum shop.

Addressed an issue where players would not teleport out of skotizo.

Added a ::stuck command to help players that are stuck or frozen.

Corrected the right click drop option on Sanguinesti Staff.

Reorganized a few npcs in the ::shops.
Renamed Surok Magic to Clue Scroll Item Shop.
Added a ::bis command to help players stay on top of what to get in-game.

Fixed an issue with Vending machine pet not working as intended. 

Addressed an issue where players could freeze and glitch out Sotetseg in ToB

Addressed and issue with collection chests

Removed the revenant ether from revenant drops
Added in a Box Set Maker npc at home and added in new Box Sets

  • Skotizo Set
  • Space Virtus  Set
  • Muskateer Set
  • Obsidian Virtus Set
  • Eternal Crystal Set
  • Mandalorian Set

Removed the popup for treasure hunter upon login

Removed Black and White flowers from Flower Poker to create a more fluid system








Fixed Exotic Robe Hood 

Stat changes on Will's Gunbai

Stat increase on Just a Gun

Changed Fire Descimator9000 name to Flamethrower

Brain Drain Stat Correction

Stat changes to Poon's Slayer




If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 








🔥Evil Elf Descimator Set🔥






🔥Engulfing Siren's Set - Bundle Set🔥



🔥Christmas Guard Set🔥



🔥Rice Cooker🔥



🔥Meow's Descimator 🔥



🔥Lilahoff's Boots🔥




🔥Gwakamoly's Custom Prayer🔥




Below you will see some small sneak peaks as to what we already have began to implement! We have a full, custom raid system bigger than Theatre of Blood in the works, a new boss with special perks and mechanics, a special way to say thank you to our lovely donators, rebuilding slayer from the ground up and even a new quest that we are looking to release after some more testing. ❤️  

Many of these tasks are already completed and in testing or currently in the works. 










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