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  1. Yeah Executive and above do have that command. But looking at the suggestion from @Prettypls Having a command for lower ranks to simply add items would be interesting. Would that be rank specific or just open to all?
  2. So glad you are enjoying you time here, if you ever need a chat or any advice, then any of us here are always a message away. Whether thats in game or on discord. Dont be afraid to reach out to us
  3. Courteous and kind. You all see this. All joking aside, thank you for the kinds words. Always a pm away if you need anything
  4. Great job, can tell a lot went into this post, keep up the work man!
  5. Id have to agree, this would be pretty useful. Vouch from me.
  6. Great work from the guys as always Keep it up! Happy new years all!
  7. Nice to see you enjoyng it here Rattle
  8. Farming sponsor zone with any aoe weapon (thumper preferable) Cake Boss (The cape can be used to hit the capped damage, while its still there) Sires although not everybodies favourite, is a great money maker. In all honesty i personally dont see a problem with the current ownercape, althought understand the concerns. But adding more bosses to be one hit by the cape would somewhat decrease the value of the executive cape/zone. If there are any other alternatives be sure to post them in the suggestions, either using the link Bowl provided, or on discord. Be interested to see what people come up with
  9. Definitely something to consider. A rare chance at the the weapons and armour would be a good way to get the items flowing. Or as mentioned a chance at the box itself.
  10. Take care of yourself Cold. Hope you keep in touch dude, and good luck with all the irl stuff
  11. Glad your enjoying your time here Degenerate. Hope you do stick around for a while!
  12. Id have to agree with @Englog Elo decay would be a nice since players cant always make it online for any number of reasons. As for the potion, with all the healing items currently in game, the need for a potion to add to it would be redundant. Also when you take into account the attack speed of certain items it would be hella broken.
  13. A whole lotta love to you Lew. Keep in touch brother, anything ya need ya know where to find me.
  14. Love the addition of "Banned the user named Coldott" Great work as always guys, keep up the good work!
  15. @WillyIs great at his job, great fun and knows his stuff too. Great to work with the guy! deserves all the credit he gets
  16. And the x2 experience ring. The infinity aura also has the same effect as the Third Eye
  17. Welcome to the server and forums! Need any help or advice feel free to pm me on discord or in-game
  18. Love seeing all these ideas, keep them coming!

  19. I do like the idea. But as @Love Nutellahas pointed out. It would be the people who have the most cash who would get their hands on them. With little to no chance for everyone else.
  20. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread, would love to see what ideas you or other players do come up with
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