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  1. After about 8 months of hell and deployments I'm finally back all! Looking forward to playing with you all again!
  2. Hero, good comment. Most people that get that kinda money sell donos to other players. And right now the grind for end-game tier is still real. Right now the BIS mage weapon is a drop in game, and the BIS ranged armor is a drop in game too. If you have questions on what or how to get feel free to pm me!
  3. If there are any suggestions you all have be sure to voice it! We always wanna grow more!
  4. Just checking, my prayer wasn't on the list but is complete. Is that still correct?
  5. This is a solid idea, thanks for the input and I hope to see more ideas like this!
  6. Good ideas guys. I do believe we would have to redo tokens or whatever new items would be flooded in eco. What type of items would you be most interested in seeing?
  7. We will look forward to having you back when everything is settled and you get some time for you!
  8. You will be missed 😞 hate seeing players leave! I wish you all the best in the future to come!
  9. If you have any ideas we would love to hear them! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Glad you are enjoying it! Welcome to the best server in the world!
  11. You are appreciated here! Thanks for being here!
  12. I am glad you are enjoying the server so far! Stick around and see what all is in store!!!
  13. Welcome back! There is a lot more now than there was then, and the ECO is so different! Glad to have you back though!
  14. Glad you are enjoying it, please bring up any issues that you find!
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