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  1. Welcome back! I hope you're settling in well and I wish you the best of luck ❤️
  2. Welcome back dude! Life get's tough but we will always be here ❤️
  3. You made the absolute right decision, I've had experience with depression from family members and I can tell you there's always going to be better days you just need to stick around to find them, i'm really glad you're enjoying dreamscape and I hope you stay around for a long time
  4. I miss you all, I will definitely make a return when it's reasonable to do so 😊
  5. As you've all probably realised I've not been around much or at all recently, it's been tough stressing about exams and work at the moment and I can't give Dreamscape the time it deserves. Dreamscape will always be in my heart and I hope that one day I can make a return when my life isn't so upside down, to all my friends on the staff team and all the regular players that make Dreamscape as good as it is, I love you all ❤️
  6. Gene gene gene what can't that woman do, i'm glad you're enjoying the events all the event staff try their best!!!
  7. Great update from the dev team and I know even greater things are coming #HYPE
  8. Welcome back mate! I hope you enjoy your stay once again and what the #DSGANG has to offer in the future K3
  9. I would definitely be up to trying it! Thank you for the suggestion man #DSGANG I'm thirsty for some new events
  10. Wowzers! what an amazing update, keep up the good work guys ❤️
  11. Glad you're enjoying it!!! if you need anything feel free to pm me
  12. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here if you need anything feel free to shoot me a pm
  13. Eggy and didy started from the beggining as well, i'm sure if you stick to it you'll have just as much impact as them, just do the videos you like if that may be opening boxes, doing pvm videos, doing a series maybe trying to reach a goal etc.... Best of luck to you
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