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  1. My time to quit has come, I lost interest when I logged in and saw that my whole custom set has been outmatched by basic items so I ended up chucking it all to dicezone resulting in me losing. This is my final goodbye to the server and I will not be returning to play anymore. Was nice seeing bunch of you still playing, hopefully I'll hear from some of you later on. ❤️ Catch me in discord Tuittu#6935
  2. Forum Username: TwituchuAmount of Months since user joined Forums: Many (November 5, 2015)Screenshot of Requirements on Forums & In-game for confirmation:
  3. I have a feeling bodhi is a pleb.

  4. Really sad to see you go Canada, I'm going to miss you and your jokes along with the wiki edits. Hopefully you'll find time to come back to us someday!
  5. IGN: Twitchu Looking towards this event!
  6. Love the option for re-skinning the boots / gloves, finally I can match them with my acidic set!
  7. Great idea, been thinking the same ever since they introduced the system. Glad someone took the time and effort to make the thread! Vouch
  8. Thing about the power stone is that its an additive +50% to your magic damage, not multiplicative. Making the other styles get +50% to their styles would be multiplicative as they don't have a % stat you can add. Fixing that problem could be easy though, making ranged item that gives you +500 range str would be around the same power level as the magical powerstone. Same could be used for melee so it gives around the +500 to melee str. But it's a great idea, the arrow slot should be utilized by all attack styles Vouch
  9. IGN: Twitchu Timezone: UTC+3
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