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  1. Forum Username: AlieniRank Requesting: veteranAmount of Months since user joined Forums:32 months agoScreenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: Couldnt find this
  2. Excited for moving day! #DSGANG

  3. Just a couple More days and we got a Weekend! #dsgang

  4. I like the idea, definetly would like to see this implemented.
  5. Welcome Back dudette! U still a noob
  6. Welcome back to the server eggnog! 😄
  7. Hope to see you back soon! SUOMI PERKELE!
  8. Welcome to The server! Definetly Made The right choice coming here
  9. Big one, good job GANG! This should bring a lot of challenge
  10. Sigh the current situation is really starting to build up... Wish it would just be over by now

  11. Stay strong #DsGang

  12. Another nightshift feelsbadman

  13. Trophies went for the best contestants for sure!
  14. Appreciate all of yous voting for the true RSPS!

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