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  1. Interesting concept, as an ironman myself I agree the midgame's quite difficult, and a lot of room for improvement.
  2. This week we really focused on the PVM experience ultimately breaking down some of the underwhelming pieces of content, from the revamp of the Steroid Penguins to a total overhaul of the World Boss System! Dreamscape Update 121 has a little something for everyone! Today we introduce something revolutionary to the RSPS Scene in the form of Mega Rare Droptables! Mega Rare Droptables are a brand new way for you to increase your profit And possibly get a rare 1 in-game item! (if you've got a little luck on your side) Whilst PVMing in the Platinum and Executive Zones! To activate your Mega Rare Droptables You will have to pay one of the two following Npc's a 15m Cash Fee for an hour of Extras Goodies! (Which is stackable) The Platinum Tokens Store The Executive Rewards Master After purchasing your bonus time! The monsters residing within the platinum and executive zone will have the chance of dropping a few exclusive brand new rewards! Weapon Upgrade Totems! We have added in 3 Brand new upgrade totems which your high tiered weapons to give you that extra edge PVMING! The BFG9000 (U) The Charged The Hades Cleaver (U) Infinity Gauntlets (U) There is also a secret Mega Rare 1 in-game item on the brand new Drop Table! The Winner will be announced when the item has been received! This week we really focuses on the world boss system! The world bosses are now something to be feared! With over 20 million HP! Every 2 hours you will receive a server message indicating the location of the world boss! After seeing this message you can run to the location which is stated in the yell chat! (You may teleport if you are Executive + or have the Seers Horn) On arrival you will notice a portal on the ground BEWARE BEFORE ENTERING THIS ENCOUNTER REMEMBER The world bosses are now some of the strongest monsters ingame! You might need a few friends to take them down! (World Bosses no longer have weapon restrictions.) Now for the most fearsome creature in all of Dreamscape! We really feel that players that dedicate their time to this really deserve an amazing reward! With this in mind we've added an exclusive Title Scroll Drop! "The World Guardian" Title! The World Guardian title can be received randomly after defeating any of the world bosses! That's right! Hades has just got bigger and badder! This brand new PVM Experience completely revolutionary to Dreamscape requiring true skill and ultimately a tonne of practice to complete The Enraged Hades is ultimately made up of several insane mechanics tailored to challenge even those with the most OP custom weapons ingame! (including several InstaKill Mechanics) Hades hard mode is without a doubt the most difficult piece of content Dreamscape has to offer With this in mind, we've taken a whole new approach to obtaining loot with Enraged Hades, Enraged Hades will have an uncommon chance at dropping a brand new item by the name of The Empowered Tablet (Hades) You will need to obtain and combine 300 Empowered tablets to create the new best in-slot melee offhand The Hades Offhand To Enter the Enraged Hades encounter You will first need to join a clan chat (The clan owner will be the party leader) When the party leader teleports to Enraged Hades Via the Raids interface The party leader will then have to pull the lever to force all party members will be forced into the Enraged Hades instance Just remember the Enraged Hades HP and difficulty scales on the amount of players which enter the instance at the beginning of the encounter! The most committed players will be able to master Enraged Hades However it will take time! Due to this we've decided to add a mystery prize for the first player to solo The Enraged Hades! If i could give you one piece of advise it would be Good luck Dreamers! You'll Need It! Now that the regular penguins have been Revamped! We felt it fitting to give the Steroid Penguins a little bit TLC as well! After careful consideration we have decided to totally scrap the old Steroid Penguin drop table and completely revamp with some really beneficial rewards for players of all levels! Firstly I introduce the brand new adorable Roid Penguin Jr! The Roid Penguin Jr. will ultimately fill the gap between the Pet Mystery Box and the Chaos Elemental Jr! We have also added an attachment drop for the Penguin Staff (U) So you can maximise your penguin pummelling power! This will create a penguin staff (X) The Penguin Staff (X) is similar in strength to the Frostbite Staff! Along with these changes we have totally scraped the previous Steroid Penguin drop table which will ultimately give you a ton more GP/HR! Alongside, The Steroid Penguins now have an increased chance of dropping clue scrolls! For all you clue hunters out there! After overwhelming community support! We have decided to bring back the previous Dicezone! We will be re-evaluating the Dicezone Situation in the near future with a possible implementation of a brand new Party-Room inspired Dicezone! Today we introduce something a little special for our platinum partners! The Long Awaited! Superior Platinum Set! You will need to combine all three of the Range, Mage and Melee Platinum sets alongside the Platinum Glaive! To craft the Superior Platinum Set - We have added the option to pay to restore your bonus drop rate on the emperors necklace. (this will cost 15m from your money pouch) - We have completely re-balanced melee armour, ultimately giving the Hades set a much needed damage and drop rate buff. - The timer at ::AFK will now stack up, you can now use multiple cards at once. - After teleporting out of Dice zone you will now be put into the Help Clan Chat from the Dice Clan Chat. - We have totally revamped the Super Donator Store with some Juicy items! - We have Added a Brand New Portal at ::home to help you navigate around the new home. - When teleporting with the Crystal Key and Crystal Key + you will be taken to the crystal key chest. - We have fixed a bug with the achievement prestige system not working for accounts with 200+ agility laps completed. - We have given an extra 25% Extra drop rate for brand new accounts. - Infinity chest rewards will now be directly added to your bank. - we have removed the animation when opening the infinity chest. - soulchest items will now be added directly to your bank. Raptor's Backup (Custom Donation) Raptor's Stamin-UP (Custom Donation) The Superior Platinum Set (Platinum Obtainable Item) Drug (Custom Donation) Hades Offhand (Loot From Enraged Hades)
  3. It's that time again! Today we bring you a much needed insane overhaul of a tonne of content! From the achievement system, to Penguins This update has a little something for everyone! After a tonne of suggestions we have decided to give the Black Diamond Box a little TLC! Without further ado! I introduce The Obsidian Virtus Set! The Obsidian Virtus set will give you that extra edge in all PVM scenario's! Rocking similar stats to the Space Virtus Set! With additional extra Drop Rate and Double Drop Rate and even Luck!! After careful consideration we have also decided to remove the following items from the Black Diamond Box - Code Keys - Camo Shield - Purple Mist Shield - Acidic Spirit Shield - Space Spirit Shield We have also decided to add an extra roll to get 100k - 1M Karmic Kismets to help with all those Karma Gainz! Penguins have been a huge part of DS since the very beginning, and after countless suggestions we've decided to hit them with a little TLC in the form of a Reworked Drop table! The first huge addition to the penguins drop table is the brand new Penguin Staff (U). The Penguin Staff (U) is a brand new stylish addition to the Penguins drop table! With insane AOE it will be an amazing addition to any beginners arsenal! We have also removed all of those Spammy drops from the Penguins drop table! and replaced them with 1DSGP - 35DSGP! So you can ultimately maximise your gainz whilst training those levels or hunting those Xebos Invitations! - We have Also removed the Multiway combat from the ground floor of ::mbox, allowing lower levelled players to really take advantage of this new piece of content! Today we bring you something a little special! After careful consideration we believe that the achievement system was underwhelming! And really needed a complete revamp! Firstly we feel that the old Achievement Shop was lacking hard with rewards, we combated that with a brand new reworked shop with some extremely juicy rewards! We have also added a brand new box into the achievement store! The Box of Achievement! Whether you're looking to get started! or for a bit of steady cash! the Box of Achievement is just for you! If you're committed enough to complete all of the achievements that Dreamscape has to offer we believe you should really be rewarded for all of that hard work and commitment! In the spirit of this, Today I introduce to you the new Prestige Box (Achievement)! This Prestige Box (Achievement) harbours some of the juiciest rewards in Dreamscape including the Eternal Khiones Staff and The Ak-47 Assimov! When you have completed all of the achievements you will be able to hit the new prestige button in the achievements interface. When this button is hit, all of your achievements will be reset and you will be able to complete them again for more boxes and achievement points! In the theme of revamping older content we've decided after careful consideration to tackle the outdated daily task system! From now on the Daily Task system is an awesome way for you to gain a bit of GP on the side without all of that grinding! Just talk to the daily task manager at home! and you will be presented with 4 options! After you pick the difficulty of your task you will be presented with an interface giving you an option of 1 of 3 tasks to complete! (Remember tasks scale on difficulty Expert tasks are amazing loot but very difficult) After you complete one of these tasks you will be given an option to SPIN for your daily bonus reward! These are also scaled on level of difficulty to accommodate players of all stature! After Spinning to win! you will be able to complete another daily task! of a different level of difficulty! For extra daily loot! Just remember tasks will be reset every 24 hours! After a mountain of requests! We've decided to completely rework the Dream Kings Drop table! The Dream Kings will now drop three new upgraded Dream Wing Boots! The Dreamwing Boots (Melee) The Dream Wing Boots (Mage) The Dreamwing Boots (Range) To check out the brand new reworked Dream kings! Check out ::dreamking Today! With this weeks theme of reworking existing content! We have decided to go all out and completely revamp ::mydeals! Ultimately giving you more bang for you buck when donating! When you hit ::mydeals you will be presented a 3 tiered system! Each reward tier will be juicer than the last! (::mydeals will updated frequently! Don't miss out) Steroids Corruption Gloves! (Custom Donation) Rainbow Sceptre! (Platinum Crate Bonus) The Purple Mist Chicken outfit! (Events) The Lava Chicken outfit! (Events) The Space Chicken outfit! (Events) The Purple Mist Dramen (Events) The Lava Dramen (Events) The Space Dramen (Events) The Mistlight Sword (Events) The Lavalight Sword (Events) The Acidiclight Sword (Events)
  4. It's that time again! Today we bring you a much needed Mini patch! From the reimplementation of DS-Social to the Addition of new Dicezone! This Patch has a little something for everyone! After countless requests, and ultimately feeling that the current Dicezone has ultimately broken up the gambling community we have decided to bring back the One and Only! Party-Room Dice Zone! Equipped with all of the current gambling features, including the roulette tables, 55x2 hosts and much, much more! Just head to ::dicezone! And you're set to go! The (Old) New Dice zone is your one-stop-shop everything Dice! After careful consideration, we felt that the Karma Statue really needed a little TLC, as a result of this, we have added Olaf pieces, Am'morth pieces, and infernal pieces to the sacrificial offerings list! So you can maximize those Karma gainz! Just head to your guild! And Click the Karma Statue for the list of the new sacrifices! Unfortunately due to some issues! we had to remove Ds-Social from last weeks update! However, we've managed to iron these out! and will be re-implementing it as a feature for all Sponsors +! FEATURES: - Offline Messenging - You can now send messages to players when they are offline! This will show up in their DS Social Inbox and can easily be read, replied to or deleted at any time! No longer will you need to wait for a player to come online to send them a message! this is an extremely cool new feature that we believe is going to make a dramatic improvement to staff and players on dreamscape alike! - Best Friends - You will now be able to see who your best friends are! Rated Gold, silver and bronze, your top 3 friends will show up on DS social with flair! Your best friends are based on the number of messages you have sent them and received from them! - Spectate - You can now watch your friends while they are playing Dreamscape! Simply click the spectate button to witness their gameplay live and as it happens! - Join - You can now teleport directly to your friends! Click the join button to send them a request, they can chose for you to join them or deny your request! This means no more meeting at locations, teleporting or running to meet people, simply click join and you will be up close and personal with your buddies! - Emoji's - You can now send your best friends emoji's Want to cheer up a friend after they lose a big gamble, send them a smiley face! Want to congratulate your friend on a mad drop? send them a dollar eye smiley! Feel like getting back at a mad roast... send your best friends a poop emoji! - Date Added - You can now see when you became friends with a player Please note: this is from the update onwards and friends added before the update will be shown as pre:ETC - Mutual Friend - You can now see whether a player has you added or not! If they have you added you will show as a mutual friend if not it will say you are not a mutual friend! After careful consideration and a tonne of feedback! We feel that the new home is a little spacious and really needed to be given a little TLC. With this in mind, we introduce the brand new Home Portal System, The home portal system will allow players to navigate around the new home, to four major locations instantly! The Four New Teleport Locations! The Home Bank The Games Room The DS - Fountain The DS - Shops We felt that Thugbob has been let down a bit, being thrown out of the old home! So we've opened up the grassy area near the DS-Fountain Teleport! Where you can take on him and his gang! Sticking with the theme of nostalgia, we have reimplemented various skilling options at the beach at home, so you can get those EXP gainz! whilst relaxing in utter tranquility. Say Hello to the Dreamscapes Brand New Box on the Block! The Kismet box will allow you to obtain some of those pesky Karmaic Kismets At a much faster rate, and ultimately allow some insane Karma gains. The Kismet Box works similarly to the box of wealth but for Karma Kismets! (Top prize 10M Kismets) This new box will be available in the Dreamscape Store, but for a limited time only! (limited time only section) Once they're gone they're gone! Steroids Corruption Cape Custom Donation Fezzy's Boots and Gloves Custom Donation Act I's Divine shoe Custom Donation Pvt Boots Emperor's Set! Custom Donation
  5. Thank you for all the love guys! Honestly truly appreciated K3
  6. Thank you to everyone who showed up to this awesome event! 😄
  7. Prizes have been put into your collection box guys! thank you for participating in another amazing dreamscape fashion event!
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