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  1. Lovely update now I got something to do. Just waiting on construction skills
  2. I have played ds in from 2015. I have been on and off cause of alots of real life issue and other thing. The have been good and bad days. I do alots of work in real life and I don't have time to play ds alots and do wiki. Also I am a a clan that do alots of pvm in rs3. Love you lots mainly @peripheral @Jladams @Willy You 3 been there when I am online and off thank you will miss u Willy you still a big smelly boob @auntbob8 I love it when me and u just gamble for the fun off it I will and I lose. Will come back and clean beware of that😂 @Hephaistos i know you from 2018 back. U been there when I was and bad and help me out alots in the past and now love u @Englog my brother from another mother i will miss u the most here u been there the most i know ingame and out (inshallah) u pass your work hope i can meet u soon. Maybe i may go dubai in the future and if u want come it will be more better I will leave ds next week Friday I hope everyone have a love time. All u love from spru v2
  3. Best of luck my bro hope everything go well From spru
  4. no vouch for now this like goodibag island u need to explain more and you the format
  5. For revampsWhat's the current issue? the issue is royal mystery box and royal luxe box is the same as super mystery box.What's your suggested way of fixing it? my suggestions is to change the colour of the box How will this benefit player/server? New players who maybe have the money and wanna try invest in the royal mystery box but end up getting scammed by being traded a super mystery boxHow could this be expanded in future? This will make it easier for people to know the difference and since it will help people out from the start i dont think it will need to have an extension further on in the futureWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) The negative effect of this is because player could scam others player thinking it the royal box but it's super mystery box
  6. my friend angel i would had vouch for this any time any day the reason why this is because many player suggested this before to have a pvp part of this server. one thing i think this wouldnt be added is the coding of the server. this one of the a suggestion made before best of luck
  7. amazing updated hope you lots do way better updated i cant wait for the next updated
  8. amazing work guys keep it going. cant wait for the next updated hope it do way better then this
  9. welcome back feel free pm him if u need help
  10. yh we need to improve skilling alot u got my ovuch
  11. @Floorgangi love this idea i think u need to you the correct format for suggestion
  12. welcome back feel free to pm in game if u need help (spru v2)
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