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  1. nice one, i can see that money tree activity being very rewarding for gims and other peeps having a hard time with money
  2. sheeesh that looks like a dope list of new cosmetics to go after! cant wait to have them all! *internal pokehunter intensifies*
  3. youss issa nub ❤️

    1. Sinzzu


      stop working and come back!

  4. ill give a vouch for this as its a great idea but it will require the combine all option to take in count hm keys it will make and then multiply by scav xp per key made, but overall sounds do-able and a nice quality of life revamp
  5. congratz alieni and bodhi! 😄 thanx bodhi ❤️ as bodhi said its been a truly successful month with all the community events, constant updates etc lets continue to even greater heights 😄
  6. ohhh damnn i thaught i was entered in early comments lmfao lucky me i checked XDDD gl everyone ign:hc chong timezone: est
  7. Ayyyy nice!!! Gl [email protected]! Ign: hc chong Timezone: montreal timezone Edit: i suck with timezones
  8. nice new additions to DS:GO! cant wait to see players get them in game! 😄
  9. damnnnn those prizes are nutty, better get your fashion scape out dreamers! [email protected]! :D:D
  10. Welcome to ds buddy! And congrats on already obtaining sponsor rank! 😄 looking forward to get to know you more
  11. aweee thanx alot for the kind words my dude k3
  12. Exactly what i was about to say, you have a first appartment to take care of! Go, we wont be going anywhere 😜
  13. That would conter react with an eagle pet out even cancel its banking advantage.. when wcing or botting mystics, i see where you going with the opennings point but as i know you are a wcing bot too(i dont hide myself) just get the nest openning plugin and sit back, relax XD Neutral
  14. @808raptor right?! 😮 very nice month we had 😛 @Anti imma pm you later a sick drop for this month, something never before seen in ds
  15. 808 is right, should make all bosses in exec raid count toward slayer and put either killcounters for every raidboss or for the exec raid itself, about the others i greatly vouch aswell, corp kc only being broken since 2-3 updates stryke and trinity never even having one and same goes with arcade
  16. Vouch, already talked about that subject ingame with some peeps and we were all agreeing on something like a right click option or a ::checkcc (cc=code chest) command giving kinda the same interface as dbox and dscratch cards
  17. Ayyy nice glgl to contestant! Ign hc chong
  18. Sugvested it to drax as soon as i became exec and he said its possible cause they did it for spons zone so im pretty sure we will get that really soon 😛 hughuge +1 for me
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