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  1. Honored to be featured in this month’s edition, great work ❤️
  2. yes sir, I invested in a Poseidon set and I don’t gamble my gear, so I’m ahead HUGE for the week 🙂 Any extra money is going to staking though haha Thanks for the gz guy, I’m beyond excited
  3. Drunk gambling put me up another 900m, at a nice 4.4 stack. It’s time to call it a day, as I came from nearly nothing
  4. Aye guys, been a very up and down day today! - Logged on with 400m cash lost most of it, won an aggro pot off event sold it started flipping items a bit, and made it up to 500m stack. -lost most of it, down to about 200m stack Chilled out for a bit, then had some crazy luck playing flower poker, won about 2.5b off of flower poker, went to ::Dp, got a 2k21 box and a royal box that had 2 high grade enchantments Literally, from nearly nothing today to this nice stack. DreamScape V31.4 (gyazo.com)
  5. This is a pretty cool idea, I could probably model it fairly easy as well, so I’m sure a Devy would be able to do it easily
  6. Theres almost a consumble for everything belsides dream land and arcade. Even with arcade, points stack acording to rank, which in dreamland it dont. Add some consumable thatll boost dreamland tokens
  7. This math don’t seem right. 1000 bodies at 5-8 quad a pop would be 5qu-8Qu
  8. I can’t even describe how ecstatic I am to be one the people interviewed. Thank you guys so much. Great job job on this months report, can’t wait to see next months! Well done guys.
  9. Better step your fashionscape guys! I’m coming for that heli pet
  10. Oooof huge update! Great job staff. Can’t wait to check it out. Been waiting on this all day !
  11. Welcome back to the squad! Super glad to see you come back and be active, hanging with us on discord and coming to events. EVERY time I see your name I think of that history teacher, which means you HAVE to be a cool dude 😂😂
  12. You’re probably kinda close to where I live now. Trying to toke one up? 😂😂 I’m currently living in the reading area
  13. OF COURSE! I grew up about 15 minutes of Philly. Levittown/Bristol if you are familiar. I’m SO sad about us releasing Foles Yeeees, I love the discord. I wish more people would hop on. And no, I don’t believe you get the goodiebag. I think you get 400 code keys for half off 😂😂
  14. Whats up yall? Most of you probably know me, but i'll get a bit more personal. Name: Garrett (Gurt) Age:23 Location: Pennsylvania (Unfortuantely) United States. Hobbies: I LOVE to cook, make music, hang with friends, BEEER IS LIFE, I'm a stepdad of a beautiful 7 year old daughter. Dreamscape duuuuh. I was a drummer for about 8 years in school, self taught piano. Guitar is the hardest instrument ive ever touched and it absolutely frustrates me. I play some xbox here and there. Fort nite when I'm in a good mood, Destiny 1 was like crack to me, Paladains.
  15. The fact that you have sponsor already blows my mind. I was literally just telling you starter stuff the other day. It's crazy to see that progress bro, keep it up!
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