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DreamUpdate #35 [Bug fixes, Youtuber cape]

DS Development Team

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Whats up guys and welcome to the Updates #35.

There is alot of bug fixes and minor changes we'd like to introduce in this thread.


#1 - Phoenix boss is now fixed completely.


#2 - Soulsplit prayer is mostly fixed.


#3 - Trivia questions are updated.


#4 - New login messages!


#5 - Voldemort fixed (you can't safespot it anymore)


#6 - Admins can trade now


#7 - Some items fixed (Including stats and slots)


#8 - The original trade restriction (100 ::npckills) is now deleted completely and now we have restricted it to 15 minutes play-time. It means you dont have to kill npcs to get a permission to trade, you just have to play the game for 15 minutes.


#9 - King black dragon respawn timer has been shortened.


#10 - NEW introduction line to new players who signs up (with information about ::commands etcetera).


#11 - Few bug fixes on the automatic dicing system.


#12 - ::Flameking has been fixed. No longer interrupts with raids.


#13 - ::Commands updated.


#14 - :: YouTuber cape! Support our server with Youtube videos and become a Youtuber if you want to get this cape!



#15 - And last but definitely not least, we'd like to introduce the Mini Gun !

This overpowered custom weapon is truly the most amazing weapon we yet have introduced.

It's the best range weapon perfect for saying any raids  ! 





With all those awesome updates said, I hope you all enjoy this new update.

This update is mainly based on all the major bug fixes we've had and for fixing them.

We'd like to thank everyone for being extremely patience with all major bugs we've had, I know it has been causing alot of inconveniences and losing nerves etcetera. More updates will be coming soon. Last time, thanks everyone for being patient with bugs!

Best regards, 

QK6YdJB.png Dreamscape Development Team!

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