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  1. The Invictus box is introduced ! This box contains loads of items including the Invictus shards. You need shard 1 and 2 to create an Invictus weapon. What is so special about these weapons ? With the Invictus weapons you can enter the portal. Portal ? YES ! We have a new area with Invictus Warriors. These Warriors can only be reached by entering the portal at ::home. However, you cannot enter this portal without equiping an Invictus weapon. On top of that, the Invictus Warriors can only be killed by an Invictus weapon. You are now able to choose for upgrade ALL of one item in your inventory. This means you do not have to click the item one by one but try to upgrade all the items instead. You can now check the chest on what items are available to upgrade ! This also included the upgrade fix of the Space jam (u) ! To fix the issue with trusted hosts ( sponsors) we now have a right click option -> Operate on the Owner cape. This works the same as ::ownercape. Yes, we completely renewed the Bork boss ! Drops such as Blood SS & Rasta whip are added.
  2. NEW revamped Super Mystery Box. 2 NEW legendary items. Legendary Battle Axe ( with a custom Special ) & Legendary Death Cape ! A complete revamp is made on the box ! Vorago Revamp We have moved Vorago back to the wildy in LvL 25. A new drop is added to the Vorago -- Maul of Omens This weapon has a custom special added ! Bork Boss - A few drops got adjusted. Now drops included Ice Katana and Brutal! Hp has been increased by x10 Added 3 more to the area Trivia Questions are now UPDATED ! Space Jam ( I ) is now added to the upgrade chest on a chance of 1 on 3 !
  3. Dear DreamScape Community, Again, we have another amazing update. We would like to introduce.... Your new DICE zone ! This area is open and clear. This also will fix alot of LAG / freeze issues that players have been experiencing. You can Flower poker & Dice here ! Another thing we have changed is Phoenix. It is NOT aggresive anymore. A few other bug fixes are implemented aswell, I hope you guys see the improvements ! Stay tuned, shortly we will have ANOTHER update !
  4.   Dear DreamScame Community.  We have come up with a Xmass event !   Please move to your Quest tabb and move to the quests section. Click on "A Christmas Miracle"     Here you have the first "tip" to start your quest !   If you experience any issues during the quest, please submit a support ticket ( with screenshot ) on our support page. You will be rewarded with a present and we will fix your issue as soon as possible.  You can submit a ticket here :  Support       Because of the Xmass Holiidays, we have a SALE going on in our Store Make sure to visit our Store and have a look !     Happy Xmass everyone !     
  5. Dear DreamScape Community, We are adding a small update today to the bork revamp and ::ownercape Our downtime could be around 5 to 30 minutes MAX        This will be a list of what we have fixed this patch.       ::Ownercape  zone now has 6 magegrays 2 phoenix 4 bork bosses. Bork hp has now been buffed.   There are 2 extra borks at his boss area.   Super mystery boxes have been fixed and can be used.
  6.   WELCOME DREAMERS Today we will be bringing you one of our largest Dreamscape update thus far in our games history. We will be Revamping many areas of the game we have seen that are getting a bit boring.   We have also been thinking about the dicezone and how to improve player activity and us as a development team have decided its time ....       FOR THE LONG AWAITED  RETURN OF ...               Dicebags will be available ingame from Durka Durka at home. Trusted host and Sponsors will have the privilege to use the dicebags and host all the games that we know and love from the oldschool dicing scene.       We have also been working on many revamps through out many areas of the game as we have noticed many areas lacking in enjoyable content.   We have revamped:   Ingame ::trivia questions   and more below.     We have revamped bork completly with a complete new drop table and a new set of stats   You now have a change at getting the legendary American Torva from this boss.             We have done a complete overhaul of the Dreamscape point shop which can be found that the ::home shops. We now have Full Flame Torva in the Shop as well as White Glass Wings. Dreamscape points can be obtained from reward tickets from from various bosses all over Dreamscape.   Get in quick.               We have had a good look into our skilling system and have noticed it just not make the cut so we have revamped Runecrafting and Prayer to make it less of a duty and more of a tedious enjoyable skill.       And last but but not least lady and gentlemen we would like to unveil or new Donation box...                 This Crate will be our biggest juiciest loot EVER added to a box with over 60+ items obtainable from this awesome box. AND ITS ONLY $6 We have 3 never released or seen ingame items:   Artichoke whip       Yellow santa       Crate with zannik     Immortal stone now drops more often Flower girl now sells flower seeds
  7. Dear DreamScape Community, We are having a small update with some minor fixes. Our downtime could be around 5 to 30 minutes MAX        This will be a list of what we have fixed this patch.   When donating for silver chain error fixed.   OP items can now not be used on vendura.   Alter of guthix has been removed from vendura.   Pumpy has been removed from dicezone and replaced with schoolgirl npc.   Dual barretas have been nerfed.   You can now have barretas on multipule created accounts.
  8. Dear DreamScape Community, We are having a small update with some minor fixes. Our downtime could be around 5 to 30 minutes MAX        This will be a list of what we have fixed this patch.       Fixed issue with Drop rate bonus on american Torva Armour.   Dual  barreta's are now untradabe.   Fixed Dual barreta's stats.   Custom donation items added and fixed.   Starter boss ultra rare now fixed from 1b.   Updated staff list.
  9. Dear DreamScape Community, We are having a huge update with some major fixes. We are clearing up most of major and minor bugs as well as adding a new option for starter weapons. Our downtime could be around 5 to 30 minutes MAX        This will be a list of what we have fixed this patch.        We have changed the name of Yellow dragon wings (vorago) to Yellow Demonic wings.   Overload potions will now last there full duration.   Fixed black screen issue upon creation of new account.   ::PP boss has been completely been fixed    Issue when entering castle wars with a glaive has been fixed.   New Starter Weapon has been added for starter accounts. The Dual barreta's Have replaced the previous saradomin bow for all new accounts.   Random ladder and crate in the bank at home have been removed.   Rainbow lance attack animation has been returned to its normal state.   New created accounts not being able to teleport has been fixed.   All custom donation items have been added for the donators.   Ironman backpack now sits in the correct slot.       Players will need to download cache but it will automatically be done by the launcher.
  10. Dear DreamScape Community, We are having a huge update with some major fixes. There is a client launcher being introduced that will make sure you never have to re-download the client again. This Client launcher will update itself everytime the server is providing a new client version. Our downtime could be around 5 to 30 minutes MAX      Here is a list of bugs we've fixed.    Iron Mans back pack now goes int he right slot.   Icy glaive now is tweaked up and is now even more OP.    The lag caused by the spiked of the Icy glaive is now resolved.   Party Pete boss is back to the original npc's, goodluck in the fight !   Rainbow lance now hits normal again.   Sword of 1K truths got reverted back to the old one.   Made 100% sure everyone is receiving Immortal stone fragments   A ton of other client related issues behind the scenes.     Hope to show you guys another update thread very soon ! Thank you and enjoy your game play.
  11.   Dear DreamScape Community, Once again after weeks of struggling and developing for the right  client, we have decided to bring you back the old features. The old graphics that people so loved, the newer FPS improvements that made game play smoother.   This update allows players wit a low end computer to smoothly play again. We are monitoring it closely so that every little issue is addressed and immediately being resolved.  Let us know if you have any feedback !   Download the client here  We apologies for any inconvenience during this update. There could still be some rare custom donations being changed into a different model ID, we assure to get this fixed right away after reporting.
  12. We have made some final decisions on new content.   Jason
  13. Dear DreamScape community. After weeks / months of Developing, sleepless hours and countless of bug fixes..we finally have the update done ! This update is has been the most difficult one in the whole DreamScape history. For some of you players it might be different since its less of a "content" update and rather a performance, however for DS this is a big step.     Client update - rendering at 50 FPS   This was the most difficult part of the whole update. We've lost players due the FPS drops to 4, lagging out and freezes.  This has been resolved for 95% of every user. Client now addepts to the player their computer specs so it has optimised game play experience.    SUPER FAST DOWNLOADABLE CACHE!   We have moved all our storage locations from dropbox to a new storage location to increase the download speeds for players! We hope you enjoy the new speeds.    Drop rate simulator  We now have a drop rate simulator that shows you how much drop rate bonusses you have from your armour / pets / player mode.      Revamped American torva    Since we've introduced lots of torva sets, the popularity of american torva has been decreased. We have revamped the armour set. by Equipping american torva completely, you will now have a drop rate increase.    Complete American Torva set ( U ) -- 6.99 % Complete American Torva set -- 2.99 %      Dust / wishes has been fixed. You can now claim your wishes without disconnecting. Goodluck on the rewards !   Nex boss  The Nex boss has now been fixed. Preventing it to wander off the map, and holding you from getting killed at 0 HP.  It still in beta mode, meaning we might have to do some tweaks on it.   Scrolling ability You can now scroll in the client by holding CTRL and scroll with your mouse.   Bug fixes. A numerous amount of bug fixes has been released upon this update.  We have followed alot of suggestions / complains from the community and made a list out of that. Ofcourse, it doesn't make the server bug free..but we are on the way !     Once again, this update contains rather performance improvements instead of content. Stay tuned, because it won't take too long before we have another update ( with new content ! ) 
  14. Main tab showing all tabs and tab id's.   
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