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  1. I'm a Legend with no Executive Rank... GG's 😞

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    2. Hc chong

      Hc chong

      lmfao u better get that rank now that you are coming back :3 also as heph suggested have you tried the secret command? 😜


    3. Jota


      aye the pleb comin back


    4. Alieni
  2. Forum Username:GoldahAmount of Months since user joined Forums: https://gyazo.com/32e5dd0935a07fc3959bdadbb9f6ad96 Screenshot of Requirements on Forums & In-game for confirmation: https://gyazo.com/20466a4ee970f5a1948d289496851f2a
  3. Still need an executive cape

  4. RIGGED I SHOULD OF BEEN BEST PVMER I jk, congrats to all!!
  5. this boi right here is the reason why i joined teamspeak LMAO and he named me Goldfish then the TokenBlackGuy ;)

    I will always remember Potentials AKA Lays chips

    1. Potentials


      U make me a moist chip tok  ;)

  6. so i had a chance at oc, and it got taken away from me

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    2. Goldah


      @YCGamezhe put the donation on his name instead of mine by accident, and he has 2 ocs now and i have 0 still lmao

    3. rhys/chris
    4. YCGamez
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