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  1. TIL not every heroes wear the capes

    1. HC Kai

      HC Kai

      Heroes never die.



  2. @CylorV is always on point with his answers. So cool dude and always replies fast. This guy for sure doesn’t sleep.
  3. So freaking content packed and juicy update! Really feels good and waiting to train that scavenger skill which seems amazing. Keep up the good work everyone and lets show some respect towards staff teams hard work and dedication!
  4. No offense my man, but I couldnt read whole topic properly because not lying my eyes started to hurt so much haha. Maybe its because of my too bright phone screen but damn. To the suggestion: What I understood you’re suggesting is one that shows every loot you’ve gotten from every single boss. I 100% like and support the idea without the reward system tho. I like to see something like this implemented, but it may be hard or atleast take some serious time to code that into the game. We already have ::drops command (or something similar can’t recall) to show all rare drops you got so far but if it would be for every single drop it drops, I don’t think we need that. Collection log for rare drops would be cool to see. Support!
  5. Why Sarah fell of the swing? Because she didnt have arms. Knock knock. Whos there? Definitely not Sarah. Good luck to participant! What an amazing and productive event idea to have. Looking forward for some more forum events made by you! E: Ign: TD Cooni
  6. Cooni

    Cooni here!

    Lmao you’re right. Damn I miss those times so much!
  7. Cooni

    Cooni here!

    Anytime dude! Glad to be helpful.
  8. I have been back for like a month and I have to say I’ve been enjoying it. I kinda feel the same when I first joined Dreamscape, with knowldge of the game this time tho. With that said I think its time to properly introduce myself. So yes, my name ingame is Hc Cooni, Iron Dood and Td Cooni (Trusted Host account). You can hit me up whenever you’re inneed of help. I’m 22 years old and I live in Finland. Yeah it’s true we all have polar bears as a pets. We love polar bears. Currently you can see me very actively browsing and posting on forums because it’s the main aspect I love, then goes gambling (somewhat big gambler irl) and thats the reason I’m trusted host and then goes PvMing which is why I made an ironman so I cant gamble my PvM set. I’m former Media manager, Gambling manager, News team manager and Forums Administrator. Looking forward to have a chat with you guys. If you want to talk you can pm me on forums, discord or in-game whenever I’m online. @CylorV is mvp.
  9. Always lovely to hear someones positive feedbacks on server/its player. I can agree with you, @CylorV is doing phenomenal job with everything hes been achieved in here, and I am sure he keeps doing that!
  10. Thanks for hosting amazing event once again! Good luck to everyone!
  11. Congratulations to winners and special thanks to @CylorV for hosting this event!
  12. Cooni


    And I can agree with you!
  13. Cooni


    Welcome to Dreamscape my fellow polar bear lover from Finland. Hope you enjoy your stay! If you need an assistance, you may always pm me ingame, on forums or discord!
  14. Cooni


    Welcome buddy! Seems like you have some decent progress already because you have that super donator. Hopefully you enjoy your stay!
  15. But then again, people could just farm alot of those golden aks and de-iron themselves. That would be minor issue. However I do like what you’re suggesting here, but to fix the problem I think it would be good to make a boss to drop untradable golden ak equivalent item. Could also be implemented to upgrade chest from scoped ar or something similar. If you cant deiron yourself in Dreamscape, then I support your idea 150%!
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