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  1. INTesresting updates for 2k20. Anything about fundraisers for Corona to come?
  2. @vl0ne Hey man, it's sad to see you go. I'm not active much here either probably ingame once a fortnight or something, but you can always find me on discord! Or just pm me on here and I'll add you on discord.
  3. Eyyy when do I get the Pker one again for one bonking people LOL On like a 47 killstreak at the moment. Haha jk, doesn't take much skill to click someone XD
  4. You're back! @Bodhi But I'm not on frequently these days anymore :P P.S Jaffle is still selling prod cape xd
  5. Sweet, can't wait to see when PK is a thing back on the server.
  6. Away for a week, wildy is now safe!

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      Haha! I'm gonna miss ya

  7. Sweet update but Ownercapetwo doesn't seem to work, it's the same place :( The stat comparing is missing the best part which is the Strength and Prayer bonus statistic!! Noesss. @Zeven Can't wait to see what's in the future updates.
  8. /dance

    Thinking of new suggestions.

  9. http://prnt.sc/f1qyu3 An old but funny one haha. Wouldn't let me upload more than 0.11MB file size...Pic was 232KB
  10. Server wide 80v80 at Castle Wars when new rewards are out! Legoooo! P.S Writing this as we got 171 players online :D
  11. @KromWhat I meant was just having things as it was previously(old commons/uncommons) and have the Souls drop as if they were the H'ween candy that was 100%. Some items that people still use now are the icy gloves and infinity boots(eternal boots upgrade). Plus having mbox and xp lamps as commons was pretty nice too.
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