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  1. Nice giveaway and all but that gfx design hurts my eyes sorry to who ever made it
  2. First of all @Feedsur an awesome dude keep up with the great work durka durka @Road 2 Swag ur one of the nicest people i met keep up the good work homie Nothing much to say im leaving wanna know the reason just pm me on discord
  3. sexy smexy event thank you mark for the events appreciate it K3 ign: itsonlya discord name: itsonlya I want in baby
  4. Pretty nice list of awesome people goodjob all of you on your hard working ingame you guys are really helpful thanks alot
  5. Hello feeds you are an awesome guy really helpful when I ask you anything you have an answer always supports me with anything give me tips on what to do if im strugling with anything even in real life he’s an awesome homie much love bae <3
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