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  1. Thanks a lot for the kind words man. As for now I really want to make my main focus towards my exams, but as soon as they end I will definitely be back
  2. Hello Dafire! Was wondering if you could take a look at the pm i sent you! Would really appreciate it. Thanks you!

  3. Such a fantastic update! Glad to see all the improvements brought in Castle Wars, its now way more enjoyable. Loving all these updates! Keep them up!
  4. Hello there  Dafire. o3o/



  5. One of the biggest updates I've seen in a while. The soul system will most definitely help the economy rejuvenate, a really great work by the development and content management team!
  6. With the News Team not having enough members to continue on producing the Dreamers Monthly, We were left with no other option to stop producing the Monthly Paper. But now, its making a comeback! We have taken an initiative of reviving the News Team and bringing back the Dreamers Monthly, and we seek your help for it! If you are interested in joining the News Team and helping out with the Dreamers Monthly, feel free to contact Dafire or Vince regarding it! Managers Vince Dafire Team Members Epok Wtftw Phoenix Dr L Bman Elip Chris The News Team is currently in search of more members, if you're willing to join the News Team and support us with preparations of the Dreamers Monthly, Feel free to contact Dafire or Vince! Looking forward to welcome you in the News Team!
  7. What i believe is that the only reason the prices of these armours are going down day by day is because of the Drop Rate bonus on the AM torva. What i believe could potentially solve this problem would be a similar droprate bonus being added on Shadow and Elemental armour as well, which means adding a 5% droprate bonus to both shadow and elemental armours sets. That way, the only comparison between them would be the ones based on their stats and that would cause the demand for elemental and shadow armours to increase.
  8. Its really really sad to see you resign Detox, you've been a really great and dedicated staff member, but more than that, a really good friend. I wish you the best of luck in your life ahead mate. You will surely be missed #DSGANG
  9. Edited the rewards, the top point holder at the end of the month does not have an option to exchange points for the Youtuber rank now.
  10. The new month has started, so its now time to announce the current points the participants have! For the actual Event thread, refer to this post : Moving on, the following were the people who participated this month : 1. Gainz, who was awarded 315 Points total for his content 2. Phoenix, who was awarded 90 Points total for his content The Participants can contact me in-game or on forums to spend their points. The Reward Table : 1. 1T cash for every 2 points. 2. Dream Wing Boots : 15 Points. 3. Nocturnal Chain: 70 Points. 4. Extreme Donator Ticket: 180 Points. If you wish to participate in this event, but have any questions regarding it, feel free to PM me! Note : Due to the event starting late in March (March 14th), the Top Point holder can not exchange their points for the Youtuber Rank this month. However, in the next month, this option would be valid.
  11. All the 3 of you have shown pure dedication towards Dreamscape this month, best of luck to you guys! May the most deserving one win
  12. Glad to see another GFX designer joining us, welcome Sam!
  13. Huge congratulations on the massive achievement there Zeven! You've been a really big factor in Dreamscape growing so much in all these years, Great job mate! My pick would be 113
  14. Glad to see the client based improvements! The dev team is surely working to their full potential, and it can clearly be seen by the amounts of updates we had in a very short span of time. Hats off Dev Team!
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