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    I love gaming and um, swimming, and um >.< oh! getting to know other humans like knowing what they like and why because I enjoy getting to know the reasons people are interested in things! Also I like food, not a meat eater I am a fruitarian, I love movies too! Also I um! <.> Oh! Hope to play together with others here in DreamScape. <3

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  1. Can't wait to get back in and join everyone again, I been gone a long time. ^^ Probably many new people too 😄

  2. I hope you are enjoying yourself being back here, I just returned myself after a long time away. ^^
  3. I hope everyone has been great since I been away! ❤️ 

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    2. Potentials
    3. Maraciel


      I did see what you were saying though, I changed it. >w< I did that in like 2017. I hope this is fine though.

    4. Potentials
  4. When I read News Team is back.. I thought of Brick from Anchorman 2 o-o
  5. Hello Aliengod420! I am glad to meet you and hopefully we meet ingame someday to hangout! :3


  6. I seen a few of your stuff in the forums, I'm glad to meet you someday ingame. ^u^


    1. Zeven


      See you In-Game !

  7. Hello Potentials, glad to be joining the server and may meet ingame someday ^u^


  8. Hello there  Dafire. o3o/



  9. Community as such as people wise.. I enjoy how kind people have been to me since I began here. ^u^ I actually want to get even better at this game and hopefully one day obtain a Owner's Cape to farm items and help out others myself! <3 A healthy happy community is excellent to have. Hopefully I can stay here and enjoy the great adventures beside everyone. :3
  10. Hello! Just wanted to express my gratitude that this server has a wonderful staff setup! Each time I been online, it felt wonderful to know someone's always there. I have asked help and they even took me to the spot of how to do things and I am glad to know they were kind about it. ^u^
  11. This has been really fun to be trying this server, I love the wild customs of this server already. <3
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