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  1. Hopefully we get to see Ironwood discover the truth about Jinn and we'll get to see how he reacts, since he does seem to trust Ruby and co.
  2. Hi there fellow RWBY fan, what are your thoughts on V7 so far?
  3. ::mbox and ::train are still powerful moneymakers, I make like 17m in around 8 hours of playing, not even efficiently, so imagine how much you can make if you actually tryhard. Also, even if the drops at exec were halved, it still does drop A LOT of items, so it wasn't nerfed THAT badly,
  4. Damn Drax and co, keep these sort of updates up, you'll be bound to get ex-players back.
  5. I feel that x2 skilling exp would be OP with all the exp boosts that we already have, I'd say to bring it down to 1.2x or something.
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