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  1. OMG THIS IS AMAZING (i really wanna win the Easter Boxes)
  2. Hell yes Heph! I'd love you to ❤️
  3. hey, DDragon! Nice to meet you. i'm glad to hear you found a 2nd home to spend time at & feel comfortable with. Greetings, Dutch.
  4. Hey G2 Coffgi, Welcome back! glad to see you make a return to #DSGANG ❤️ Greetings,Dutch.
  5. Hey, Iron Epok! Welcome back! ❤️ Was nice meeting you today ingame Amazing to see the old fokes come back especially with your attitude. Much love, Dutch.
  6. that's such a nice idea, really in love with this. Greetings, Dutch.
  7. Hey Andrew! The very first time we started chatting i already knew, you're a good one to have around! Love your personallity & the way you get a long with people. Glad you found #DSGANG a place to call home, a lot more good stuff coming soon! Greetings,Dutch.
  8. Nice to meet you W1ll! Glad to hear you're having a great time. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to ask away #DSGANG has the best community & it's great to be around the love and carring people on the server each day. Greetings,Dutch.
  9. would love to see more of these type of events! Thank you for the suggestion. Much love, Dutch.
  10. Welcome back Papers! Happy to know you're back & glad to meet you

    i wanna thank each one of you for making #DSGANG Great, it's lovely to see how everyone gets a long with eachother. there is a lot of respect. each one of you should be proud of yourself aswell for making DS! Lets keep it up! lots of more greatness to come! Much love, Dutch.

    1. 1atte


      Awww, you softie Dutch!

  12. the best with a big head! 😛 Just kidding Greetings, Dutch.
  13. that'd be a bit of work indeed, but it'd be very worth it! Thank you For the suggestion! Much love, Dutch.
  14. So far so good! love the idea & thoughts behind it We would definitely need to think this through though. Thank you so much for the suggestion, much love! Greetings, Dutch.
  15. hey, jon. thank you for your suggestion! Lots of interesting stuff here to think about Greetings, Dutch.
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