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  1. Yo guys 😄 real old player here tryna come back. If staff could contact me i would appreciate ❤️ hope everyone is well

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    2. LT LIMES

      LT LIMES

      Hurry up and make a ticket ;)

    3. Willy


      Come join us on discord and we can get you squared away :)

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      Papers ❤️ 

  2. Hey guys! Just wanted to make a short post here to introduce myself - I'm Papers, started playing years ago (around 2015?) and been on and off ever since. I've had a few ranks on forums and in-game and truly love how unique the server is. Looking forward to chilling and meeting with you all! Gonna be opening a GFX post soon to make a lil bit of bank so I can get started again See you all around! Papers
  3. Ayyy thinking of coming back! Good to see some old names still here ❤️


  4. Welcome! I just returned myself. Feel free to add me in-game for a chat or messing about, username is just papers
  5. Papers


    Hey dreamers! Some of you might remember me, most of you don't know who I am. I've been playing for a long, long time - I had to quit a couple of months ago because something happened to me that very severely affected my health. Won't get into it on this thread but if you want to know, ask. I'm OK now. I've been in the staff team two times, been in the news team & wiki team and am a graphics designer. Will set up a little thread in the graphics section tomorrow :) I've missed the server very much, and I'm very happy to finally be back. I'll be as active as I used to be both in-game and in the forums, and won't be leaving any time soon. I really enjoy messing about in-game, PVMing and the occasional bet here and there doesn't hurt! I'm happy to be back. I'll see you all in-game and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! <3 In-game name is just papers. :)
  6. Wah gwaan mi bredda! <3
  7. It sucks to see you leave bro. You will be dearly missed :(
  8. It is one of a kind, definitely! PM me in-game or here if you need help and you'll find we have an amazing community <3
  9. Nice to meet you! Good luck on that world peace like that goal!
  10. I think its a good suggestion - a harder boss is something Ive honestly been looking forward to. Hope it gets accepted - vouch!
  11. Papers

    Hey Yall

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy our server, you'll find we have an amazing community
  12. Congratulations @Pharros! PM me in-game for your prize. @Bman lock please
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