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  1. Mine got discontinued, gz on all the new plats!
  2. LETS GO , an Update! FIre as always, good luck everyone on the easter boxes!
  3. Welcome back gokuman33! If you need help in game or have any questions, pm my discord @w1ll or in game @will.

    Yugioh Raid (Hard) Guide/showcase


    Gambling Sesh Episode 1

  6. Big vouch! Thanks for expanding my previous post.
  7. VV1ll


    Hello Fissure, it is always nice to see fellow ironman around. PM if u want someone to chat to. Will
  8. Hey Dreamers, making this video was super fun. I want to make more Dreamscape content as I am still learning on how to be a video editor within the future. Hope you enjoy my narrative within Dreamscape. #DSGANG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7db61TXpCak&feature=youtu.be
  9. "Banned user Coldott" LMAO, thanks for another beautiful update!
  10. Probably keep the smoke and galaxy for now. I don't have any idea of future texture, and I like the texture we already have on the weapon battlepass.
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