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  1. Exactly what is dreamscape ?

    Yugioh Raid (Hard) Guide/showcase

  3. Best Money Maker 2021


    Gambling Sesh Episode 1

  5. Big vouch! Thanks for expanding my previous post.
  6. VV1ll


    Hello Fissure, it is always nice to see fellow ironman around. PM if u want someone to chat to. Will
  7. Hey Dreamers, making this video was super fun. I want to make more Dreamscape content as I am still learning on how to be a video editor within the future. Hope you enjoy my narrative within Dreamscape. #DSGANG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7db61TXpCak&feature=youtu.be
  8. "Banned user Coldott" LMAO, thanks for another beautiful update!
  9. Probably keep the smoke and galaxy for now. I don't have any idea of future texture, and I like the texture we already have on the weapon battlepass.
  10. For revampsWhat's the current issue? The current thread for the custom armor and weapons are currently outdated What's your suggested way of fixing it? Revamping the custom page and adding specific pricesHow will this benefit player/server? People browsing the forum and looking to purchase customsHow could this be expanded in future? Constantly update the custom thread and changing the pricesWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I can't think of any, but leave any comments below.
  11. For new contentWhat is the content called Auction house for custom armor, weapons or even discontinued items. How does it work? On special occasion or holiday, there will be an auction house for auctioning armor or weapons with in game money and taking the highest bid. What rewards does it give? Owning a personal custom or exclusive item only that specific player have in game. How will it benefit server/players? BIG Money sink, and people that can't afford customs with real life money How could it be expanded in the future? Hearing people's personal opinion about this
  12. For new contentWhat is the content called Battle pass armor How does it work? Battle-pass for armor similar to weapons What rewards does it give? Similar to the battle-pass on the weapon, extra stat boost on the armor for either more damage or Defence boost. How will it benefit server/players? Give an incentive for players trying to upgrade current armor (batman, superman, Poseidon, etc) or matching the texture to the battle-pass weapons How could it be expanded in the future? Update the battle-pass for upcoming new armor and maybe people that have custom armor W
  13. This would be a great quality of life. This will help out a lot of people that are playing on a laptop espically.
  14. Buffing the arcade ring would be a great idea since I feel like its an impossible item to get in the DC boxes. The ring shouldn't be as strong as like an emperor ring but I do like the suggestion
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