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Patch 21.5 - Bug Fixes, QOL, Gem Bag


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Players will now be able to store all of their gems in their Gem Bag!

Players can obtain the Gem Bag from the Daily Rewards shop for 125 points



💥Fixed kill count tracker for Zulrah slayer tasks

💥Updated Autogrinder interface and added a search feature

💥Fixed vote requirement tracker for bosses

💥Removed Zalcano 

💥Removed forced teleport out of Crimson Chin after the fight

💥Fixed visual bugs from pocket/ammo slots

💥Fixed Peter Cottontail (e) crimson chin bonus

💥Fixed upgrade announcement announcements

💥Fixed Telos Hold still bug

💥Fixed invisible NPC in Extreme Hell Arcade

💥Decreased HPs from various monsters in Cartoon Slayer Tower

💥Lowered Nex HP

💥Lowered Telos HP and scaling

💥Fixed expiry timer on punch card

💥Added admin+ commands for punch card

💥Added Pet Point Shop to home

💥Fixed Bunny Set in Box Set Maker

💥Added missing capacity checks to Lottery

💥Fixed bug in player that caused misalignment

💥Fix viscidus map pools getting stuck sometimes 

💥The game's update rate is no longer restricted to 50 updates per second (UPS).

Instead, it's now synchronised with your frame rate. This significant change is expected to provide a more seamless gaming experience, as you'll likely observe enhanced smoothness in animations, camera movements, and so on.



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