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  1. Cool update, really like those achievements, and insane cape 😮
  2. Awesome update, I really like the salvage ? some awesome stuff
  3. Awesome update, absolutely love it ❤️ I love that we always gets such awesome quality updates. Thanks for the update and thank you everyone that have worked so hard for this ❤️
  4. I really like the idea, especially with bonds or kismet boxes, or like dynamic boxes like they got in executive+ Bonds are hardly bought anymore, its mostly if ppl are going for executive rank. But what if it was an admin command that added the drops globally? Or like with the dropparty but after like 1000$ donate get automatic global drops of these items? You could proberly rip some of the executive zone code aswell not making it that big of a project?
  5. Becuse I have no idea on your equipment we will only do the basics. Clue scrolls are so much money for new players. Daily tasks are good aswell. Then most bosses are decent money, raids can be good, the Daily events are good aswell, automatic drop party where admins are pretty often generous about adding expensive items, nightmare cap removed so you could do that and just spam brews becuse its often "masses" sire is like 80m hour minimum with basic gear and 85 karma World bosses are good but often dependant on plats to come and help kill it fast to be "worth" it but its afk otherwise Daily votes, then dc arcade, skotizo and hydra, vorkath got 1 item thats like 8b aswell if you wanna give that a try And gl sir
  6. Would be fun to see some other events then those we got currently (mainly gamble events) I would like to see some event manager doing this (perfect with the event week)
  7. What kind of wings are we talking about dm recipe

  8. Nice events like always having so much fun on this server much love ❤️
  9. Hi, so we alredy have the item that makes it so that it gives the player a 50% chance to not reduce their slayer task kill count. I would like an item that does the opposite it gives the player a 50% chance to make that kill counts as twice for those that wanna hunt for a specific slayer creature or just wanna farm slayer points a bit faster, and still dont wanna lose streak. I would prefer it to be an slayer point item thats untradeable becuse a lot of people proberly alredy have a lot of slayer points laying around becuse there isnt that many good items to buy. Benefit would be faster slayer points. The only negative thing I can think of is Abyssal sire would be "faster" to get, but you can alredy buy it with karma levels else its not that hard to hunt for so wouldnt be that much of a problem
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