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  1. love how easy that was to read and scroll through grzz on the progress and gl for future upgrades
  2. Amazing update guys! The clipping fix/rework is something I've been looking forward to for awhile and you guys haven't disappointed, being able to 1 click any mob and not get stuck especially with melee is a huge improvement to the overall gameplay experience and imo has been the best update so far! ofc I do love all the other updates aswell lol, and big ups to our amazing dev team!
  3. There are a few ways you could make demand for these items increase. making a new legendary clue scroll that drops from donor boxes and requires these items to be worn to complete adding these items to upgrade chest (I don't agree with this option but its a option all the same) adding a new chest that you place items into and receive a random cash reward but lose the item in the process (rewards would range from 10% to 110% of the pc of the item) make special boss areas that you can only enter while wearing these item sets (these rooms would give a certain advantage e.g. slight drop rate bonus, damage bonus or added items to drop tables) giving the sets a bonus drop rate or damage bonus (would only work if you are wearing the whole set)
  4. well deserved man gzz! keep up the awesome work your doing for the server!!
  5. i'm no expert on this and i could be wrong but i'm pretty sure the raid bosses have a damage cap on melee, meaning your damage is capped when you use melee against it. (not sure about mage) The reason for this is more than likely to protect the price of the minigun and to reward players who have either bought it as a donation and supported the server or have worked hard to afford it ingame.
  6. Wow amazing update! big ups to the dev team, looks like they have been hard at work creating this content, keep up the great work guys!!
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