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  1. Sheeeeeeeeeeesh

    1. Christopher



  2. i hope that there's a different animation for the staff. Like Z spears special attack but shoots fireballs or something
  3. Should i play again? Or you guys dont want me bank no more? Hahahahahahahahaha. Still have a few accounts in DS
  4. Aishteru


    I would also like to participate in this event thanks <3 Hahahahaha. I hope to see amazing content from other players. :"> Good luck to everyone. 
  5. Should i stream dreamscape?

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    2. Aishteru


      What should i stream about? Or should i just play music while playing lol

    3. Bman


      Cookies, talk about cookies while you play

    4. Aishteru
  6. Should i stream dreamscape?

  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  8. -Ingame name: Aishteru - Where were you and what were you doing, on December 14th, 2015? I was at home eating all the food in our refrigerator  - Pick a number between 1-10000 : 69696
  9. It can now 1 hit people wearing owner cape :o Or it can really 1 hit magegrays now cause usually you 2 hit them or 3 maybe now just 1 hit
  10. Gratz to all the winners <3 There should be a best ironman. Feels like we are kinda isolated.
  11. I like to eat cereals and toast. Cat for short :)

  12. Should i make an ironman guide? :/

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    2. Aishteru


      I just made one ::thread 16320

    3. CamOnRS
    4. Aishteru


      Thanks cams. Was supposed to be a vid but i wasnt half way there it was already 10mins long lel

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