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  1. so done with waiting

  2. welcome bro, ill gladly watch any dreamscape videos that you make xD
  3. damn took you guys a while to reply xD but thanks anyways, id really love to see bale say welcome back but I doubt he will :C
  4. All I wanna do is play! :C

  5. well this event seems rather interesting, itll probably do really well :3 ingame name: Okama2
  6. Waiting... patiently

  7. thanks man, been like years since I been here so hopefully there is loads to do now ? having a little issue logging into the game but hopefully someone will help me with that lol
  8. hey everybody, i dunno if you guys remember me but im back :3
  9. Welcome to dreamscape, i can keep up with some banter, if you wanna shoot the S**t just pm in game or on the forums ;) just be careful what you post because you have younger players in the community :3
  10. welcome buddy! by far the best custom server ;) you'll have fun :3
  11. Knock, Knock! Who's There? Howie! Howie who? Howie gonna hide this dead body? ;)     ign: Okamaway
  12. Community is super helpful, hopefully somebody will help out ;)
  13. thanks for all the welcomes xD i mostly play pc, cuz pc master race. sure ill definitely have to upload some of my sketches ;)
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