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Found 3 results

  1. For those unsure on how to complete new boss! Notes - 3 phase fight (initial phase, kiting phase, final phase) (You will get Teleported during kiting phase) (Araxxor will heal after each phase) Step 1: Teleport to boss and enter "Webbed entrance". Step 2: Choose a path (north or south web). Step 3: Burn chosen web for your path as soon as you can (you can only burn one path). Step 4: Kite/Drag Araxxor to the end of the path until you reach wider path/gap (you will see a gap between islands). Step 5: Lower Araxxor health until he teleports you to other island/other side of gap (final phase) Step 6: Finish off Araxxor and loot the body (only have 3 minutes to loot).
  2. i know me personally who have played oldschool runescape/rs2 i loved vorkath the machanics are awesome and i think would fit well in the dreamscape community for pvm im thinking drop table could be something along the line off always: superior bones (make lightly stronger than phoenix) (possibly a herblore use towards an anti venom) common & uncommon noted nests noted food drops rdt: possibly a new range armour set with venom reducing properties which would make the armour have a use and make this boss worth farming and slightly easier farming once you have grinded the full set making the meta for the boss range how it be ? skeletal vissage - a revamped dragonfire ward! which unlike dfs here (weak and not really worth using maybe impliment it to the vissage to make it and remove dfs from game too) will have a use fire absorption and a viable range bonus (making a primary 1 handed range weapon the meta opens option for a future bis 1 handed range weapon. vorkath pet original vorky pet ?
  3.   Dear Dreamers,   We're here to bring a brand new update once again. And we've been working hard! We've been fixing loads of various things.   Fixes   #1 - We've made a new loading method which makes it that loading things will happen in the background instead. #2 - A CleanUp will now occur every 2 minutes, which will guarentee that our memory clears better and stays fresh! #3 - A couple of disconnection issues have been fixed, lately we've had some disconnects which occured in sad faces, and we don't want that around in Dreamscape so we've fixed all the ones we've found already! #4 - Auction System is almost done [still in progress] #5 - Herbicide System is almost done [still in progress]   New Loading Screen   If you haven't seen it already, Dreamscape has a new loading screen. And it's looking fantastic! We as a server are really happy with it and hopefully you all are aswell.   It looks more professional in our opinions and it withdraws Dreamscape professionalism.       A New Raid Boss [Raid 2]   Voldemort's true friend has joined our server aswell.  And he's ready to slay some of our Dreamscape Players... His name is: Vendura.     This boss kind of works the same as Voldemort,  You have got to teleport towards ::raidhub And then you can also click on Vendura!   You can also type ::joinraid2 to join in and slay this new boss with your friends! A new thread about Vendura and it's specific details will be posted later.   I hope you all enjoy the new Updates! And don't forget, Keep Dreaming.   Regards,   Development Squad
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