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  1. Man this would have been helpful info back when i started still pretty new but 2 things that helped me alot is joining a pc event (theres lots of great gear there) and grinding tasks at ::train theres pretty good mid tier mage gear there
  2. Ign Lelloo so my original name was gokussj408 on my old pc when I moved I forgot my info and just started new with lelloo I could probably get goku back but I got super lucky with rng on the first day and got a golden minigun after that I never really bothered trying to get my other account back XD played a lot of rs3 tbh prefer this game over it lol the story behind the names is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy back in the day on rs before it was even old-school ... it was just runescape (been playing since fishing was a new skill) i made gokussj408 cause my old address started with a j and was 408 and my favorite anime was dbz i raised that account to 90+ in all skills almost got max cape and lost the account (before authentication was a thing ) and I couldn't get it back so I made lelloo just cause I thought it was a cool name (the fifth element) and got her to about 80 in all skills in about 35 days XD then my best friend got me goku back so ever sense then its been my 2 account names. real life name is Roby.
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