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  1. Congratz on your promotion! IGN: Neoxx
  2. Hi everybody! Some of you know me allready, some dont... Lets start with the simple things -> I'm 25 years olds, male -> Addicted to gaming XD -> I love a good laugh and a drink -> Own a dog called Raiko (Shiba Inu breed) -> Very caring and friendly person overall if i say so myself -> Working as a male nurse in a residence for old people, focussing mostly to help elderly with dementia sickness I have been playing from before the server got re-branded but i quit for a long time tbh.. Now i'm back and enjoying myself more then ever :3 Always here to help with anything so feel free to ask me, i don't bite. Hope to see you all soon on the server and discord! Good luck with drops and most important of all, have fun !! -Neoxx
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