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  1. Yay but i kinda forgot you ign hahahaha
  2. GZ on 1Q   IGN: Ken Kawasaki/Aishteru pick one lol
  3. Omg dudes why so formal its creeping me out hahahahahaha
  4. Alright so i have only been on this server for like a week or so and so far as i've seen and experienced @Mirage, @HC Cooni, @Bozo and @Dainish have gone beyond my expectations as staff members. First of all thanks to @Bozo for helping me getting started in game. He gave me some tips and some stuff to help me understand this server. Which is hard because it is a custom sever. Next thanks to @Mirage, @Dainish and @Hc Cooni for being so active in the help cc as well as the yell for helping people with the prices or other concerns. Also a big thank to @Coffee Nut on always updating the ::prices it help a lot of people like me since i dont want to bother Mirage and Dainish or the other players if i keep asking for a price check. Also thanks for the other staffs that i have not mentioned. You guys contribute a lot to the server and each and everyone of you do their parts/roles to keep this server alive and runnin. So shoutout to all the staff, players and especially the donators for keeping the server alive. I hope that someday all of us can contribute like @Mirage, @Hc Cooni, @Bozo and @Dainish to the server. :) Keep up the good work guys :)
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