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Found 2 results

  1. For revampsWhat's the current issue? As any other skill, slayer isnt worthy grind, unless you’re going for sire (60 Slayer) or strykeking minigame (135) What's your suggested way of fixing it? Just like the slayer in osrs, it would be awesome to see some drops that are boosted while doing slayer tasks or some exclusives itens when grinding slayer. 1. Also, add an item (like slayer helm that boosts the damage while in slayer tasks), which you could buy with slayer points. 2. Revamp slayer shop: Add some itens to the shop that would make people grind the skill, maybe some goodieboxes, or some exclusive itens (?) How will this benefit player/server? More content to the game How could this be expanded in future? Update the shops after some big updates What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Players with a lot of slayer points could “make bank” after the update
  2. Playing for awhile, watching some bosses go dead gets depressing. Like Party boss for example. The market if flooded with Party Hat's and Santa's. The Rainbow GS isn't worth much either. Everyone wants to beat everyone's prices so they suddenly plummet when there's around 1k party hat's on market. Might of been a good addition when it came out, but not anymore. It's a waste of space anymore. No one ever goes to do it, I decided to take a trip and see why he was dead. After 20 kills of Pete, I would've made more money off the minions killing them for the party hats and 10M drops compared to the drop's of Pete, Party Hats and 4M drops. So introduce something new and exclusive to the game only available through Party Boss. I always loved the idea of having some "Party Armor" that gives good bonuses. I also love how Pete drops something on every kill, one of my favorite features of this boss. Having to grind 10k kill to get lucky isn't all that enjoyable. Just getting the same drop over and over makes it hard for people who want new drops every kill. Not just like junk items, but since the market is flooded with items such as the Glock and Blood lust GS. Let it drop items that are normally cheap but are great way to still have some fun. It'll help people enjoy the factor of learning that there's something new to the game for lower levels that they didn't know about. I also had an idea that will lead to a Mega Pete boss. Just like how you kill 20 minions, let something such as having to kill 50 Party bosses (without losing streak when you have to go kill more minions to kill more party bosses.) But after 1-3 kills, force teleport them out. Unlike the current mechanics of Party boss. Which will let you stay for how ever many kills past 20. Have it drop a new DreamScape Exclusive weapon or armor, maybe even a show piece similar to the piano, bass guitar, or in general "rares." But, when every boss has it's challenges. A special mega boss attack, I was thinking something like an entaglement that would cause the boss to become harder and more strategic for players to fight. Have him entangle you in a "restricting party hat." Making him more exciting and challenging to play will make players want him more, and keep item's off the POS for awhile till people can figure out a efficient way of killing him. If you liked this idea of a Revamping of Party Boss or even have tweaks that would sound or be better. Please add below! Don't criticize, try to make this an idea thread about what we can do! Mods, if you enjoyed. I have lots of other idea's for other parts of the game! Ingame ID: Kill1767
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