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Redemption's Experienced Guide

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After we done with the beginner guide 


We are ready for some experienced damage!


Chapter One : Donator Rank



Super.pngSuper Donator

Extreme Donator.pngExtreme Donator






How to get these? 

Donator/Super Donator/Extreme Donator/Sponsor

Just buy them from ;;pos 

And upgrade Extreme to Sponsor

Explained this in the beginner guide

Now for the next ranks 

Once you got the Sponsor rank

Kill the sponsor dragon for the collection log

To get the owner cape 

After that you can work ur way to grind the executive totem


Can get it from the



Vending Machine

Treasure Hunter Chest

Box of dreams (e)

Box of treasure

Next rank would be Platinum 

If you have money to spend it is the easyest rank to get 


Donate 5000$ in 1year out of pocket

Next rank is the best rank ingame Diamond

This rank is a 20000$ donate rank 

But here you can buy all the donates ingame 


Chapter Two : Elo


Now we once you got the rank 

You want ur elo up 

This is one of the best damage ingame

Be sure to do ur daily kills to gain elo


Buy elo scrolls from store 

Different Donator ranks have different stat multipliers in-game

Non-Donator and Regular Donator maxes at a 1.1x multiplier (10% bonus)

Super Donator maxes at a 1.2x multiplier (20% bonus)

Extreme Donator maxes at a 1.3x multiplier (30% bonus)

Sponsor maxes at a 1.75x multiplier (75% bonus)

Executive maxes at a 2.5x multiplier (150% bonus)

Platinum maxes at a 4x multiplier (300% bonus)

Diamond maxes at a 5x multiplier (400% bonus)

Once you hit Diamond this is how it wil look



Chapter Three : Maxed Gear



 Bis gear for magic 

Il explain more later in the guide 



Bis gear for range 



Bis gear for melee 



Custom gear and Weapons and Pets are the best ingame 

You can design these with

Lt limes




Cherie Lee



 - Shadow pet -


- Nemesis pet -

Nemesis Pet.png

- Shark pet -

Shark Pet.png

- Baby Yoda pet -

Baby Yoda Pet.png

- Shadow Drake -

Thumbnail for version as of 08:21, 12 October 2022

- Shadow Drake (r) -

Thumbnail for version as of 08:21, 12 October 2022

-Ultimate Pet Box

Ultimate Pet Box.png

Try to get atleast a shadow dragon and upgrade it 

5 shadow essenceShadow Essence.png

1 shadow spikeShadow Spike.png


Chapter Four : Potions And Boosts


Using ;;boost

Gives you 20mins boost

Sponsor rank 1.2 x damage

Executive rank 1.3 x damage

Platinum rank 1.6 x damage

Diamond rank 1.7 x damage



Using Vote gemVote Gem.png

Can be bought at vote store for 25 tickets

Add every 12hours tickets to ur gem 

Each ticket grants you 0.1% damage boost

Below shows you how many tickets you can add


Damage Cards

2x Damage Card.png

2x damage card

When used you get

2x damage for 20minutes

2x Damage Card.png

2.5x damage card

When used you get

2.5x damage for 20minutes

2x Damage Card.png

Unlimited damage card

When used you get

2.5x damage for 20minutes

How to get ? 

Karma shop

Costs you 75m kismets

Need prestige 3 and lvl 75 karma 



Protein Shakes

Mostly used is muscle milks Muscle Milk.png

These Protein Shakes can be bought at 


Sponsorzone at beefy bill

Executivezone at observatory professor

Attack Milk.pngAttack Milk   


Attack levels

Strength Milk.pngStrength Milk   


Strength levels

Archer Milk.pngArcher's Milk   


Range levels

Mystic Milk.pngMystic Milk 


Magic levels 

Muscle Milk.pngMuscle Milk   








Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktail Droprate.pngSummer cocktail droprate

When used you will get 75% droprate boost

Summer Cocktail Damage.pngSummer cocktail damage

When used you will get 2x damage for 10minutes


Donator potions

Donator boost potion

Donator Boost Potion.png

When used you get 

25% drop rate

20% double drop

10% luck

3x damage boost

For 20 minutes

Extreme Donator Potion.png

Extreme donator potion 

Best potion ingame 

When used you get 

3x damage boost

Antifire protection

Antifrost protection

50% inreased player hp

15% tribid boost 

+7500 melee/range str + 500% mage damage

Double slayer xp

Double slayer points

15% drop rate

Gives 15 % damage increase on slayer tasks

Can't be used with damage cards


Chapter Five : Enchanting


Enchant banner.jpg


This system allows you 

1-25 levels on gear or weapons

5% bonus each level 

Capping at 125% at level 25

What stones can be used? 

Enchantment stone.pngEnchantment stone 1% lose chance

Enchantment Stone - Redemption Wiki (redemptionrsps.com)

High Grade Enchantment Stone.pngHigh-grade enchantment stone 1% lose chance

High-Grade Enchantment Stone - Redemption Wiki (redemptionrsps.com)

Perfect Enchantment Stone.pngPerfect enchantment stone

Perfect Enchantment Stone - Redemption Wiki (redemptionrsps.com)

Dream Enchantment Stone.pngDream enchantment stone

Dream Enchantment Stone - Redemption Wiki (redemptionrsps.com)

Dream enchantement stone e.pngDream enchantment stone (e)

Dream Enchantment Stone (e) - Redemption Wiki (redemptionrsps.com)

Use perfect stones until level 11-12

Dream stones 12-17

Dream stones (e) 17-25

This is how it looks if you got enchants on ur items 



Chapter Six : Karma Book

Karma Icon.png

Prestige karma

to level 3 

Karma - Redemption Wiki (redemptionrsps.com)


Karma Book

Book of Heaven.pngBook of Hell.png

For a full book you need

6 x dust of the destroyer or protector

Getable from karma battlefield

Karma battlefield - Redemption Wiki (redemptionrsps.com)

900m kismets 

Getable from

Kismet Box.pngKismet boxes

Black Diamond Box.pngBlack diamond boxes

Thats for a regular karma book 

Getting the karma book(u)


Ultimate Stone.pngThe ultimate stone

On ur karma book 

This book complete is like a 15000$ custom 

Be sure to hunt it 


Chapter Seven : Belt Slots


Belt Slot.png Sigils are belt slots

How to get these? 

Sigil Box.pngSigil Box

Killing Telos The Warden



What sigil should i get ? 

This depends on what you are looking for 

Sigil of Bounties.pngSigil of bounties

Tier 1 20% droprate

Tier 2 40% droprate

Tier 3 60% droprate

Sigil of Power.pngSigil of power

Tier 1 2000 strength 2000 range strength 2000 mage strength

Tier 2 5000 strength 5000 range strength 5000 mage strength

Tier 3 10000 strength 10000 range strength 10000 mage strength

Sigil of Knowledge.pngSigil of knowledge

Tier 1 15% tribid bonus

Tier 2 30% tribid bonus

Tier 3 50% tribid bonus

Sigil of Extortion.pngSigil of extortion

Tier 1 each hitsplat = 1hp heal

Tier 2 each hitsplat = 2hp heal

Tier 3 each hitsplat = 3hp heal


Chapter Eight : Adding Gems



adding gems to ur weapon or stats gives you insane damage boost

Get atleast t10+ gems 


Thanks for watching










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