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how to add gems to ur gear or weps :)

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 1st of all you gonna need salvage fragments


you can get them easy with chunk of salvage ( you can get them of lodsmok or hydra or you can buy from pos)

il explain here how to get them 

1st step

go to ;;upgrade and use this salvage table 


you can only use 30 chunks each days for a total of 3k frags 


2nd step 

now we got the frags get to the black smith and click socket 


you will get this screen 


now clich the weapon or gear you wanna add a gem to and this will be ur screen now 


3rd step 

click the slot symbol to unlock it 

1st slot is 150 salv frags 

2nd slot is 400 salv frags 

3rd slot is 1k salv frags + you need elite member active or diamond rank 


4rd step 

adding the gems is easy just get a gem you wanna add to ur wep/ gear

(don't waste a low tier gem on a spot or you need to use gem removal chisels to get it out and those are 1k frags each ) 

select the gem image.png.4b5885fda5b4560de15a0e83b51daa36.png


click on yes please

and there we go our gem is added 


so this can be done on 14 pieces of gear 

so in total you will need 42 gems to max out ur gear + wep 

here is a list hm % you get extra on what gems 




hope you liked this guide and if ya got any trouble pm me ingame :) 


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