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Update #17 Change, Change, and changes


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Added option to use X options Antique lamps 


Well of Good will and Well of Bad will will now deduct cash from your money pouch instead 


Visual update on the "home teleport" button beside minimap


Fixed issues with Buff Overlays remaining even after they were cleared on death


Added 50x Dream Bones to Starter Set, this should help players get 90+ prayer immediately 


Fixed Lady Dimitrescu pet missing stats, 50% Drop rate and Soulsplit Effect


Zulrah Pet can now be dismantled for 30,000 Zulrah Scales 


Toxic Blowpipe can now be dismantled for 10,000 Zulrah Scales 


Remove Diablo from being assigned as a Slayer Task 


Attempted fix on Jailor causing you to be unable to re-enter certain instances 


Fresh Accounts who has never done Xebos Quest, will not be able to receive karma exp until they have choosen Good or Evil Karma


Moved Crystal Chest to a more accessible area

Fixed some issues with Christmas Quest


Fixed Cerberus, where you are unable to use ::home or ::yell 


Altered Custom Scrolls message to give proper information, when play click on redeem


Added support for item grinder to grind to the maximum instead of just 28

" you will not be able to do any other actions until your "grind" is complete"


Added new items to be grindable 

Omen Helm - grinder points 2500
Omen Body - grinder points 2500
Omen Legs - grinder points 2500
Omen Gloves - grinder points 2500
Omen Boots - grinder points 2500

Poseidon Helm - grinder points 1500
Poseidon Body - grinder points 1500
Poseidon Legs - grinder points 1500
Poseidon gloves - grinder points 1500
Poseidon boots - grinder points 1500



Added a Server time button located at Information Tab



When you die, you no longer lose these buffs 



Ultimate Pet Box's Pet changes

All of the pets will now give the following benefits
Note that it is 100% to receive a pet, they all have the same effects, it's just appearance difference

Deals 70% of the owner's damage as an additional hit
1/5 chance to deal 2.5x damage
35% Tribrid Boost
50% Drop Rate
50% Luck
Prayer Restore Effect
Soulsplit Effect

Battle Pet ( you can add pet totems to further increase your stats )


Paragon Task List Changes

Kill 1 Vote Boss - replaced with Kill 1 Slayer Superior

Kill Weekly Boss 50 times - replaced with Kill 30 Skotizos

Complete 5 Boss Slayer Tasks - replaced with Kill 5 Slayer Superior

Kill 30 Zulrah - replaced with Kill 30 Abyssal Sire


Paragon changes

Complete Clue Scrolls will now be tracked by opening any of the clue caskets

Salvaging Tasks will now track properly

Change the amount of EXP needed per Level

Level 1 : 75
Level 2 : 75
Levle 3 : 75
Level 4 : 75
Level 5 : 75
Level 6 : 125
Level 7 : 125
Level 8 : 125
Level 9 : 125
Level 10 : 125
Level 11 : 250
Level 12 : 250
Level 13 : 250
Level 14 : 250
Level 15 : 250
Level 16 : 250
Level 17 : 250
Level 18 : 250
Level 19 : 250
Level 20 : 250
Level 21 : 500
Level 22 : 500
Level 23 : 500
Level 24 : 500
Level 25 : 500
Level 26 : 500
Level 27 : 500
Level 28 : 500
Level 29 : 500
Level 30 : 500


Grotesque Guardian challenge mode  changes

The Boss's damage received per splat is now capped at 50m
Hp is increased to 1,000,000,000

Challenge Mode's drop table is 30% better compared to the regular mode


New Ultimate Slayer Master Helm (i)

Combine Master Attachment with Ultimate Slayer Master Helm 


Combine Slayer Master Helm (i) with Ultimate Slayer Helm

Ultimate Slayer Master Helm (i) counts towards a Slayer Master Set Bonus 


Changed Abyssal Sire Collection Log reward

- 5B Cash and $25 Custom Credit Scroll (u)


Fixed issues with Demon Cape applying invisible boost when achieved 50k kc 

- Demon Cape (e) will now fully unlock at 50k kc instead. 

50k kc = 35% tribrid % and 1 in 20 chance to 2x damage

Cape will be converted into (e) version, hence any enchantments done will be lost as it is an entirely new item ID


VoteBoss will notify player if you have not voted, you will not be able to deal damage to it


Added Sheep Dog ( cosmetic pet ) to Dream Treasure Trail completion reward 


Slayer Master Cape (i) will now grant the following bonuses 

-Grants +5 additional slayer points on assignment
-Grants +4 slayer keys upon task completion


Slayer Reward Shop has been updated



All Slayer Superior has a 1/5 chance not to give any loot on kill 


Player Owned Shops limit has been set to 5T ( 5,000,000,000,000 )


Items added to Grinder 

Lodsmok Jr - 100,000 grinder points 

icy sled - 250 grinder points 

black sled - 250 grinder points 

inferno sled - 250 grinder points 

space sled - 250 grinder points 

lava sled - 250 grinder points 

orb of corrupted anima - 400,000 grinder points 

orb of pure anima - 400,000 grinder points 

orb of volcanic anima - 400,000 grinder points 


Attempted Fixes for Extreme Hell Arcade not giving loot on full completion 


Slayer Master (i) no longer has a set bonus, it will be accounted towards Slayer Master Set bonus 

meaning you can have have a mixture of Slayer Master and Slayer Master (i) pieces to be counted towards a Slayer Master Set Bonus 

15% increased damage vs your slayer assignment
15% increased chance to receive a slayer key upon task completion
25% chance to double slayer points
+20% drop rate


Attempted fix on deaths caused by Zulrah poison, it should clear out your buffs now


Inactive Sigils can be dismantled into sigil charges

Tier 1 inactive sigils - when dismantled  gives 100 sigil charges 
Tier 2 inactive sigils - when dismantled  gives 200 sigil charges
Tier 3 inactive sigils - when dismantled gives 300 sigil charges


Cash Caskets will be introduced to replace raw cash drops from PVM-ing 

Cash Casket (Small) 
Cash Casket (Medium) 
Cash Casket (Huge) 
Cash Casket (Large) 


Opening Cash Caskets will reward the cash directly into your money pouch

Cash Casket Small 
Random amount per open
Gives 1000 - 500000 Bronze Coins


Cash Casket Medium
Random amount per open
Gives 1 - 10 Gold Coins


Cash Casket Huge
Random amount per open
Gives 50 - 250 Gold Coins 


Cash Casket Large
Random amount per open
Gives 350 - 1000 Gold Coins 


Grinder Shop Raw Cash has been replaced with Cash Caskets, Cash Caskets Medium & Cash Caskets Large

Grinder Shop price changes 

Medium Cash Casket - 700 Grinder Points 

Large Cash Casket - 75000 Grinder Points


Mega Rare Drop Table Changes 

Executive - 10B/Hour 

Platinum - 7B/Hour +5% drop rate 

Diamond - 5B/Hour +10% drop rate

Custom Credit Scrolls, are changed to Custom Credit Scrolls (u) 

Custom Credit Scrolls (u) are not grindable.


Salvage Store, Stocks is infinite

Salvage Store Price changes

Dream enchantment stone - increase to 2000
Perfect enchantment stone - increase to 1000
Kismet Boxes - increase to 1500
Damage Card 2.5x - increase to 500 
Donator Potion - increase to 1000
Bountiful Gem Box - increase to 2000
Poseidon Helm  - increase to 1000 
Poseidon Boots - increase to 1000
Omen Legs - increase to 1000 
Omen Gloves - increase to 1000
Masterwork Platebody - increase to 1000
Master Work Boots  - increase to 1000
Poseidon Body - increase to 1000
Poseidon Gloves  - increase to 1000
Omen Body - increase to 1000
Omen Helm  - increase to 1000
Masterwork Gloves - increase to 1000
Masterwork Legs - increase to 1000
Omen boots - increase to 1000
Poseidon Legs - increase to 1000
Masterwork Helm - increase to 1000
Achievement Task Skip - increase to 1000
1 x Munition Keys - increase to 350

Gem Removal Chisel - increase to 1000


Gem Upgrading Changes 

T1 - T4 Gems will no longer require salvage fragments for upgrading
it will be a use item on item ( without the salvage fragment requirement )

However, Gems T1 - T4 are now untradable 









Added Platinum Crate January 2023 items 

Fixed Irish Eternal Khiones Staff - Magic 5splats / Range 4splats / Melee 4splats 

Aggies Six Shooter - Added Max attack Range (15m)

RBZ Nut Cracker - Added 1 in 10 Chance to 2x Damage

Added Zo Kar Ti Custom Prayer - Maple Syrup 

Added Custom Elemental Fury Staff - I V A R *

Added Custom Prestine Boots (i) - Level Kicks 

Added Custom Elemental Fury Staff - 28 Gram NugZ *

Apolo Demon Cape - 35% tribrid and 1 in 20 chance to 2x damage

Apolo Drake - made into a battle pet and gives slayer perks

Drummer EFS - 1 in 10 chance to 2x damage and 3 hitsplats

Big Nut - Item is now 3 hitsplats 

Reaper's Mainhand - Added Max Attack range (15m)

Broth Descimator9000 - corrected into a offhand

Carbolic Acid - 1 in 5 chance to 3x damage

Mercher's Vengeance gloves - 1 in 5 chance to 5x damage

Wanking Gloves - 1 in 5 chance to 3.5x damage

Level Leach - Item is now 3 hitsplat

Flame Leach Staff - item is now 3 hitsplat

Level Cape - 1 in 5 chance to 2x damage

Taro's Bubble Tea - 1 in 5 chance to 2x damage

Zammy's Baby - Item name corrected, 1 in 5 chance to 2.5x damage

Added Custom Elemetnal Fury Staff - il'gynoth

Added Custom Eye of Skadi Bow - Long John Silver's





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