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Update #16, Christmas Event! Daily Paragon Tasks! Step Up Gachapon! Legacy Content reworked and much more!


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To start the Quest, head into the Frozen Portal Located at Home 



Speak to Rudolph to begin the Christmas Quest 


There will be a series of dialogues and hunt and deliver task before you complete the quest 
Its pretty straight forward, if you wish to skip the Christmas Quest, you can talk to cunning snow imp as shown on the right of the image, he could just help you by paying him a fee to skip the quest 


You can attack snowmans with any type of weapons ! Kick it if you are strong enough



You are allowed to farm the snowmans for Christmas Wrapping Paper after you complete the event

Which can be exchanged with Santa at Home for some Presents! 

 950a5657b6dc39fa0630777261c8c196 (1).png


There is 1 Hidden Cosmetic Collectable Pet from this event map

- You will have to figure out how to get it yourself -

Good luck








Christmas Global Boss RETURNS


☃️How does it spawn?☃️

Players will deposit candy to Santa

In order for the event to start: 5000 Christmas Candies have to be turned into the Santa Clause!





☃️How to Get There:☃️



☃️The Event☃️

Christmas Boss

Total HP: 100,000


Immune to player damage

Only takes damage from cannonballs shot from the cannons on the side of each map

  1. All players that teleport into the event will spawn with a bronze pickaxe, a bronze hatchet, and a Cannonball Mould


☃️Attacking Yeti Mechanics:☃️

Players will place the Icy Cannonballs into the cannon and the cannon will fire a cannonball at the Yeti dealing 1K damage


☃️Mining Mechanics:☃️

Players must mine the ore and use the ore on the furnace with a cannonball mould to create the cannonballs required to shoot at the Yeti


☃️Woodcutting Mechanics:☃️

Players must cut down trees located within the map and add the logs to the furnace to keep the furnace powered.


1 log = 3.6 seconds of fuel for the furnace


When the furnace runs out of power, players will not be able to make cannonballs.



Minions will spawn at 80% HP, 60% HP, 40% HP, and 20% HP

The amount of minions that spawn varies on the amount of participants in the event.

Damage cap: 20K


Snow Warriors: HP 500K

Snow Mages: HP 500K : Ice Barrage

Snow Rangers: HP 500K



☃️Drop Table: ☃️



Event Goodiebox


❄️Common: 1:50❄️

2.5x Damage Card

Donator Potion (4)

25-50 Gold Coins

Royal Mystery Box

1-3 Mega Lottery Box

1-3 Ultra Pet Box

Box of Testament

10-25 Slayer Grenades


❄️Uncommon: 1:200❄️

Blue Santa Hat

Camo Santa Hat

Platinum Coin

Christmas Icon

Snow Globe

Perfect Enchantment Stone


❄️Rare: 1:400❄️

Christmas Bag

Box of Dreams

Dream Enchantment Stone 

Christmas Wand 

1-3 Platinum Coins 

1-3 $5 Bonds 


❄️Ultra Rare: 1:1200❄️

Ice Sword

Ice Sword Offhand

Ice Staff

Ice Shield

Wreath Shield


❄️Mega Rare: 1:2000❄️

Buddy - Tradeable Baby Yoda Pet 

Scoop -  Tradeable Shadow Pet

Snow Cape - Tradeable Purple Dragon Cape



Wrapping Paper Exchange Potential rewards 


?White Christmas Present:?



5 Christmas Candies

25-100 Gold Coins


?Common: 1:50?

Snow Imp Costume Head

Snow Imp Costume Body

Snow Imp Costume Legs 

Snow Imp Costume Tail 

Snow Imp Costume Gloves

Snow Imp Custom Feet 


?Rare: 1:1250?

Christmas Cracker (2021)

Reindeer Mount


?Ultra Rare: 1:2500?

Ice Sword

Ice Sword Offhand

Ice Staff

Ice Shield

Wreath Shield



Snow Cape



?Blue Christmas Present:?



25 Christmas Candies

100-250 Gold Coins


?Common: 1:40?

Snow Imp Costume Head 

Snow Imp Costume Body

Snow Imp Costume Legs 

Snow Imp Costume Tail 

Snow Imp Costume Gloves 

Snow Imp Custom Feet 


?Rare: 1:750?

Christmas Cracker (2021)

Reindeer Mount



?Ultra Rare: 1:1000?

Ice Sword

Ice Sword Offhand

Ice Staff

Ice Shield

Wreath Shield



Snow Cape




?Purple Christmas Present:?



75 Christmas Candies

500-1500 Gold Coins


?Common: 1:30?

Snow Imp Costume Head 

Snow Imp Costume Body

Snow Imp Costume Legs 

Snow Imp Costume Tail 

Snow Imp Costume Gloves

Snow Imp Custom Feet


?Rare: 1:300?

Christmas Cracker (2021)

Reindeer Mount


?Ultra Rare: 1:500?

Ice Sword

Ice Sword Offhand

Ice Staff

Ice Shield

Wreath Shield



Snow Cape



?Gold Christmas Present:?



1-5 Platinum Coin

100 Christmas Candies


?Common: 1:20?

Snow Imp Costume Head 

Snow Imp Costume Body

Snow Imp Costume Legs 

Snow Imp Costume Tail

Snow Imp Costume Gloves 

Snow Imp Custom Feet


?Rare: 1:150?

Christmas Cracker (2021)

Reindeer Mount


?Ultra Rare: 1:250?

Ice Sword

Ice Sword Offhand

Ice Staff

Ice Shield

Wreath Shield



Snow Cape



Christmas Cracker (2021)

Grants player a random Santa Hat


  1. Lava Santa

  2. Acidic Santa Hat 

  3. tIyuxMK.pngGalaxy Santa Hat (Blue) 

  4. crhgzMr.pngGalaxy Santa Hat (Purple)

  5. 89p9cWT.pngCamo Santa Hat 

  6. FOKSOea.pngGalaxy Santa Hat (Red)

  7. foMXc9e.pngInverted Galaxy Santa Hat






Requirements for Daily Task

Slayer Prestige 1

Daily Task can accessed via Daily Task manager



You can access your task list via Menu button on the interface 


Each completed task will give you points and experience points 

Easy task = 2 points                           10 experience
Medium task = 4 points                     20 experience
Hard task = 6 points                           30 experience
Elite task = 10 points                          50 experience

Experience Table 

Level  to Experience required 

Level 1 : 75 Exp
Level 2 : 150 Exp
Level 3 : 225 Exp
Level 4 : 300 Exp
Level 5 : 375 Exp
Level 6 : 500 Exp
Level 7 : 625 Exp
Level 8 : 750 Exp
Level 9 : 875 Exp
Level 10 : 1000 Exp
Level 11 : 1250 Exp
Level 12 : 1500 Exp
Level 13 : 1750 Exp
Level 14 : 2000 Exp
Level 15 : 2250 Exp
Level 16 : 2500 Exp
Level 17 : 2750 Exp
Level 18 : 3000 Exp
Level 19 : 3250 Exp
Level 20 : 3500 Exp
Level 21 : 4000 Exp
Level 22 : 4500 Exp
Level 23 : 5000 Exp
Level 24 : 5500 Exp
Level 25 : 6000 Exp
Level 26 : 6500 Exp
Level 27 : 7000 Exp
Level 28 : 7500 Exp
Level 29 : 8000 Exp
Level 30 : 8500 Exp
Paragon Points is gained by each level up
Paragon Points can be spent on boosting your stats and perks 
Reward Points are awarded for each task completed, you can spend those points on the daily tasks rewards point shop
You can access the shop via Shop Manager 


Daily Task Cape 
You can obtain this OP cape from Daily Task Reward Point shop for 1000 Reward Points 


Daily Task Cape Stats 


Having the cape, allows you to reroll a specific task 3 times a day 





Kaiser Aura can be obtained by using 5 Kaiser Visage on infinity aura (i)

use item on item


Visages are currently obtainable from Christmas Bags at a rate of 1 : 120




Kaiser Aura also has better stats compared to infinity aura (i)


Now with stats on the item, you can use Perfect / Dream upgrade stones to further improve the stats 






A brand new home, where things are much more compact, giving you better opportunity to troll people with our ingame proximity voice chat 


General Home Area, including shops, upgrades, salvage and more









New VoteBoss location, directly above home ( climb the beanstalk at home to access )



New Jail Area, that's right shame those rules breaker









Rejoice people, no longer you will need to run around and kill off the respistory 






Abyssal Sire Notable Drops 





Abyssal Melee Set 



Abyssal Range Set



Abyssal Mage Set




You can access the interface via ::compare or through Compare Items located over here



You can search for specific items to look up, or you can check what a player is wearing via "copy" and entering his IGN










You will require scarifice a tribrid inferno cape and 100k arcade tokens


It will be a challenging 51 waves of madness and mechanics

There's no entry limit


Completing the Arcade will award you with Arcade Tokens, Arcade Champion coin ( which can be used on the slot machine beside it )

and Extreme Hell Arcade Ticket ( which will allow you to bypass the requirements for entry on extreme hell arcade )

Extreme Hell Gachapon Machine Reward List 

Item name - amount - rates - tradable ?

Tribrid Inferno Cape    1  1/5   NO
Platinum Coin    1    1/5    YES
Little Zuk    1    1/5    YES

Magma Core    1   1/30    YES
Ancient Hilt    1   1/30    YES
Zekkil Gauntlet    1   1/35    YES
Obsidian Blade    1    1/30    YES


This will be the only preview you will be getting 









Ever felt that you will never receive the top reward from boxes? 

With Step up gachapon, you will be guranteed to receive the top reward, at the trade off of increasing cost per roll attempt

You will be able to purchase Gacha Credits from HERE


The Admin Team will publish New attractive Gacha top rewards to be won from the step up itself

Usually Custom Armor Sets with stats or even new weapons 

On release of step up gachapon, our very first series will be for the Exia Set ( Gundam inspired )



Once you have received the top reward, you will not be able to roll the box anymore.



Rolling System for Fairness 

Roll 1 - Chance at top reward 1 in 10,000

Roll 2 - Chance at top reward 1 in 5,000

Roll 3 - Chance at top reward 1 in 4,000

Roll 4 - Chance at top reward 1 in 3,000

Roll 5 - Chance at top reward 1 in 2,000

Roll 6 - Chance at top reward 1 in 1,000

Roll 7 - Chance at top reward 1 in 400

Roll 8 - Chance at top reward 1 in 300

Roll 9 - Chance at top reward 1 in 250

Roll 10 - Chance at top reward 1 in 150

Roll 11 - Chance at top reward 1 in 20

Roll 12 - Guaranteed Top reward 






Always wanted a pet that's better than shadow drake?

Ultimate Pet Box will be introducing Battle Pet Versions of Shadow Drake


In the box, it consist of 21 different pet models, they are on equal roll chance and they are all the same stats! 


Ultimate Pet Box Contents 

Unsual Artemis
Quack Army
Explorer Duke
Barb Duke
Elven Duke
Capt Duke

These Pets are not applicable to be a Custom Pet


Here's a preview of some of the more notable pets


Don't like what you received from the ultimate pet box?

You will be able to re-roll your pet with a pet reroll token ( this gets consumed on used )

It will Roll on the content of the box again to give you a new pet look

* this will removed any progress you have made on your previous battle pet *



You can obtain Ultimate Pet Box and Pet Reroll Token  HERE


Additional Information
If you own a Shadow Drake Custom Pet (bp) , you will be allowed to change to one of the selected few models from the list.

Create a custom ticket and I will personally handle this.




Jackpot Slot Machine Featuring Brand new Cosmetic Sets/Items That'll Rotate every week!

Jackpot Slot machine tokens will be dropped during out the whole week by the following bosses:

Slayer Superior (grants 1 Jackpot Slot machine token 100%)
Dream Caskets
Slayer hidden drop table
DC Universe


Every Sunday 11PM Est (Anywhere during Limes stream) The Jackpot Slot Machine will be open for players to use there Jackpot Slot machine tokens on!

Rates for the TOP reward from the jackpot slots will start at 1:10k

Each personal roll will reduce the top reward chance - 250
Spin 1 = 1 : 10,000 chance

Spin 2 = 1 : 9,750 chance

Spin 3 = 1 : 9,500 chance


Spin 41 = 1 : 40 chance 

Spin 42 = 1 : 40 chance


Once a player receives the top reward ( 1 person only )

The Jackpot Slots will end 
All remaining tokens will crumble to dust 


The Top Reward ( usually a Custom Weapon with insane stats ) will be on a loan for 6 days to the winner! 
After 6 days it will be automatically removed from your account 




Fixed ::quickalert for admins / eventmanagers 

Moderator can use ::unban now

Raksha Loots now goes straight into player's inventory instead

Lodsmok now will not auto attack player when spawned 

Lodsmok will no longer be affected by Book of Hell / Heaven

Hespori Seeds now will only take 5 minutes to grow

Fixed Baby Yoda Pet giving way to many grinder points 

Fixed Baby Yoda Pet (bp) giving way to many grinder points

Prestine Boots (i) upgrade changes 
reduce shadow essence cost 10 to 5  
Reduce shadow crystal cost 5 to 3 

Prestine Gloves (i) upgrade changes 
reduce shadow essence cost 10 to 5 
Reduce shadow crystal cost 5 to 3

Shadow Drake (R) 
Increase shadow essence cost 1 to 5 

Player's Death will now cleanse player off with any time running buffs ( this includes Ext Donator potion, damage cards, milks and etc )

Sanguinesti staff will now heal correctly, you have to do damage in order to heal

Made the World globe button near minimap to be a ::home button





Added Ransom's Trojan - 5th Hitsplat 

Added Olympic Capes 1st , 2nd, 3rd Models 

Added Slyck (bp) - custom spooky raven bp 

Fixed Sharkie's Gloves - 1 in 5 chance to 4.5x damage

Added Drop rate on Dutch (b) - 60% Dr add on

Added 4th hitsplat on Mistsplitter

Fixed Philip the Magical Dragon - fixed Bp and slayer perk issues 

Added Will's Demon Cape (e) - Additional 1 in 5 chance to 3x damage

Added Vinny's Cosmic Wings placeholder 

Added Borth Descimator9000 - +10k range str and attack 

Added Reaper's Mainhand - 5 hitsplats and 1 in 10 to 3.5x damage

Added Reaper's Offhand - 1 in 10 to 3x damage

Added Rattle's other head - 1 in 10 to 2x damage

Changed Reaper's Custom Prayer to now give Vanquish instead 

Added Child's Joke - custom ele fury staff

Added Drummer's EFS - Additional 50 x 50 aoe

Added Raider's OP pistol

Added Raider's OP pistol OH

Added Cbarnett Descimator's 4th hitsplat

Added Fear's Gloves - Additional 1 in 10 to 2x damage

Added Heaven Punisher 

Added Hornypost Bonk Bat - additional 25x25 aoe

Added Marc's Cape - additional slayer master cape perk + 1k range str / attack

Added Level Cape - 35% damage and 1 in 20 chance to 2x damage

Added Pure 800s - Custom Demon cape

Added Staff of Leeching - Custom Sang Staff

Added Big Nut - Custom Sang Staff

Added P2WINS staff -  Custom Sang Staff

Added Flame's Leach Stick - Custom Sang Staff

Added Level Leech - Custom Sang Staff

Added Shadow's Leach Stick - Custom Sang Staff

Added Staff of the Ancients - Custom Sang Staff

Added Shadow - Black Pikachu 

Added Chimichanga - custom skull descis

Added Apolo Drake Pet - Custom Shadow Drake pet 

Added Apolo Demon Cape - Custom Demon Cape

Added 992's - Custom Ele Fury Staff 

Added Mitch his Hayfork - added 1 in 10 chance to 2x damage

Bob's Blumpkins 1 in 10 to 2x mh and oh

Fear's Boots 1 in 5 to 2x damage











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