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Suggestion to bring activity/long term players.

Living Hc

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So before i start this suggestion i fully realise that this might spark controversial responces from members of the community, i thought i'd throw it out regardless, worst case scenario it gets full on denied/archived, but if this suggestion does get taken into advisement, weather it be as the example stated below or tweaked heavily but the same idea in principal il call it a success. To anyone reading this at first who might have biased thoughts or disagree, i merely ask you hold an open mind.


Ok so i guess you could call it a revamp for the loyalty system, the goal in my head is player retention, long term. So many people either make mains or ironmans, get to a certain point and just get overwhelmed or feel like they need to donate (which is why we have been having an abundance of f2p friendly updates) 


Now before i state the suggestion, please note, it is not going to devalue things in the store, as donations is what keeps this server running. Okay sorry for the mumble beginning.


The idea of the new system:


Now loyalty points are something i feel thats been neglected, so i propose we do the following:


Every 1-3 hours of ''active playtime'' add a value of x to the players total donated. You could create a demand for people upgrading donator rank to benefit from this further but for example.


Every 1-3 hours, of active play, a normal player could receive 1-2$ towards their next rank (These values, are just examples, could be .5 of a $ or whatever)


Every 1-3 hours of active play, a spencer could receive 1.25-1.5x what a normal player would towards there next rank (again values are examples)


Every 1-2 hours (yes a shortened amount for executives)  An executive could recieve 1.4-1.6x what a normal player would receive.


Every hour, a platinum would recieve a fixed 1.5x of what a normal account would make in 1-3 hours


Every hour, a diamond would make 2.25x- 2.5x (fixed like platinums)  what a normal would make.


As a change, you could make exectutive rank obtained at 1000 total purchased, if not using the totem, this will keep totem a relevant item, but also give players who want to earn these ranks through just playing and being active and consistent an option.


PLEASE NOTE: This might sound awful to those who have spent thousands to receive these ranks but please hear me out. (for a normal player to get to platinum you're looking at thousands of hours of active play)

They will not recieve any form of store credit, no donation items, other than the perks you get from the eventual unlocking of each rank, and in the time it takes to earn this passive, most people would probably make enough PMing to buy the donations. 


this benefits everyone, gives reason for new players to donate off the bat to skip the normal stage of this, to unlock the bonus amounts from higher donators, in light of CJ's post were he spoke about potentially adding more ranks with insane ammounts required such as 100,000, this helps even platinum and diamond players, i believe this will help the game on a hole, with player retention, a real incentive to keep grinding, and could also have positive effects on economy, with the longevity of the server in mind.


Hypothetically speaking, it could also spark interests in people buying custom weapons, because they are getting to these ranks and zones, and wanna capitalize of potential releases such as hard end game bosses to come.


im sorry if this is a rediculous post but like the thread said before, an idea is an idea, theirs room for picking parts out of this suggestion, changing it, making it a more acceptable overall suggestion for those who might be apposed, but giving someone the chance to theoretically get to diamond rank and beyond just for playing is defiantly going to be a good advertising point also,


You could add daily tasks to this also, to promote activity in places of the game, ie you get a random task, and have to be activly playing for the time stated above, and need to complete both to be eligable, the possibilities are quite honestly endless.


thank you for reading.


Living Hc/ Man of rune.



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