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Update #15, Raksha! Halloween Event! Seasonpass! Voice Proximity and many many more!


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raksha arena.jpeg

Introducing our last planned instalment of RS3 inspired content before we move back into actual custom content 

Raskha will be accessable to all kind of players with no actual requirements 

This will content will test player's patience and mechanic dodging!

There will be SOLO mode and DUO mode 

Duo mode, Raksha hp will be 1.75x

Players with active ELITE MEMBERSHIP will have a streaking bonus.

Streaking bonus - each kill you do without landing a RARE drop, your next kill will have enhanced drop rate

This will continue on till you get a RARE drop


Raksha's damage received is capped at 400k per hitsplat


Raksha is a 4 Phase Boss Fight 


Brief explanation of Raksha's Mechanics 


Auto-attack (melee/ranged/magic attack) [ All phases 1 - 4 ]

Raksha uses all three styles of combat

lunging and biting the player with melee

launching spikes with ranged

discharging a shadow ball of energy with magic

In melee distance Raksha will always alternate between auto-attacks in all three combat styles and will never perform attacks using the same style consecutively.

If his target is out of melee range he will perform range and magic auto-attacks, sometimes using the same style consecutively. In duo encounters, the range and magic attacks are launched at both players. He will chase after his primary target if they are out of melee distance.


Platinum partners+ can cheese this with their protect all prayer

Reccommended to get more lifesteal / soulsplit items to outheal the damage done to you


Tail sweep/trampling charge [ All phases 1 - 4 ]

if the player is within melee range Raksha will perform a tail swipe with a large AoE. If the player out of melee range Raksha will charge towards the player's direction. Getting caught in the charge attack will disable protection prayers, stunning and the player for 3 seconds.

 GRAAAAH! or RRR... followed by ROAAARRRRR!!!. If struck by either of these attacks in phase 2 onwards Raksha will follow-up by yelling SUCH A FRAIL CREATURE.


Shadow Anima [ Phase 1 - 3 only ]

Raksha will spawn pools of shadow anima.

These Shadow anima will heal raksha on certain phases and can be easily cleared with AoE weapons 


Shadow Bomb & Shadow Bombardment [ Phase 1 - 2 only ]

Raksha will walk to the centre of the first arena and discharge five blasts of shadow energy that damages per hit. While this mechanic is active damage dealt to Raksha is reduced by 90%. During the phases it is used Raksha will also siphon from anima pools lingering in the oubliette.


Shadow Anchor [ All phases 1 - 4 ]

Raksha launches a shadow orb at player(s), applying a 6 second stun

The attack will be a be fired on to player's last standing gametile, you can move away before the projectile hits to avoid this mechanic

Make sure you are about 2 - 3 gametile away from impact tile


Collosal stomp [ Phase 2 and 3 only ]

Raksha will violently stomp the ground, causing the ceiling to collapse from above.

small rocks will fall down as a warning indicator before a large rock falls down in a 3 tile from center (5x5 AoE) radius

 these rocks will also damage players next to them on impact, essentially making them cover a 4 tile from center (7x7) radius

Rocks will continually fall around the player's position, with one of these always in a spot that will always hit the player if they do not move; there are four of these rocks per player during the transition


Mind Flay [ Phase 2 and 3 only ]

 Players will become immobilised and between 2-5 orbs of shadow energy (2 by default, +1 for every 25% anima absorbed during the shadow anima pool mechanic) will appear around the player and will start dealing damage 

Raksha will stop using auto-attacks for 8 seconds during this time but at the end of the timeframe any shadow energy still remaining will deal damage towards player


Shadow Detonation [ Phase 4 Only ]

Raksha will stop performing auto-attacks for the duration of this attack while charging up shadow anima as a blue dome surrounds him.
A bar will also appear above him; if it fills he will unleash a blast of shadow anima that causes instant death if not dealt with properly. The dome that surrounds him will de-spawn prior to the next instance of this attack as a warning that it is being used again.

Deal enough damage to break the dome. The damage varies based on how much anima Raksha had absorbed in the previous phases

If you are unable to clear this DPS check, you can hide behind any of the pillar surrounding raksha to avoid the instant death

Only recommended if the dome cannot be breached in time.


Phase 1
 4 auto-attacks  >  Tail sweep/trampling charge  >  Shadow anima  >  4 auto-attacks  >  1 Shadow anchor  >  4 auto-attacks  >  Tail sweep/trampling charge  >  Shadow anima  >  4 auto-attacks  >  1 Shadow anchor  >  4 auto-attacks  >  Shadow bomb  >  Repeats cycle

Phase 2

  4 auto-attacks > Mind flay  >  4 auto-attacks   >  Tail sweep/trampling charge  >  Shadow anima  >  4 auto-attacks  >  3 shadow anchor  >  4 auto-attacks  >  Tail sweep/trampling charge  >  Shadow anima  >   4 auto-attacks  >  Shadow bomb & shadow bombardment  >  Repeats cycle

Phase 3

    4 auto-attacks + shadow manifestation spawn  >  mind flay  >  4 auto-attacks   >  3 shadow anchors  >  4 auto-attacks  >  Tail sweep/trampling charge  >  Shadow anima  >  Repeats cycle

Phase 4

Regains life points > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Shadow detonation > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks >  Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Tail sweep or shadow anchor > 2 auto-attacks > Shadow detonation > Repeats cycle



Drop table preview 

       Item name / Amount / Rates  
Gold Coin (1m)   20 - 100  always
Perfect Enchantment stone     1 - 5     1/20
Chunk of Salvage    1    1/20
Black Diamond Box    1    1/20
Royal Mystery Box    1    1/20
Kismet Box    2    1/20
Mega Lottery Box    1    1/20
Gold Coin (1m)    100 - 250    1/50
Chunk of Salvage    2    1/50
Ultimate Armor Box    1    1/50
Hespori Seed    1    1/50
Herblore Supply Crate    1    1/50
Ultra Pet box    1    1/50
Cash Crate    1 - 2    1/100
Shadow Essence    1    1/200
Shadow Spike    1    1/1000
Shadow Crystal    1    1/1200
Raksha CrossBow Limbs    1    1/1500
Raksha Crossbow Stock    1    1/1500
Raksha Crossbow Mechanism     1    1/1500
Ice Dye    1    1/2000
Shadow Dye    1    1/2000
Blood Dye    1    1/2000
Holy Dye    1    1/2000
Electric Dye    1    1/2000
Broken Shackle    1    1/3000


Noteable New items 

Chunk of Salvage 

This item can be used at the savalge table to give you 100 Salvage Fragment per Chunk


Shadow Essence 

Material used to upgrade Shadow Drake or Prestine (i) gloves / Boots


Shadow Crystal

Materials used to create Raksha CrossBow or Prestine (i) gloves / Boots


Shadow Spike

Materials used to upgrade Shadow Drake


Raksha CrossBow Limbs

Materials used to create Raksha Crossbow


Raksha Crossbow Mechanism

Materials used to create Raksha Crossbow


Raksha CrossBow Stock

Materials used to create Raksha Crossbow


Ice Dye

Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get the Icy Version


Holy Dye

Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get Holy Version


Shadow Dye 

Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get Shadow Version


Blood Dye

Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get Blood Version


Electric Dye

Able to apply to Raksha Crossbow to get Electric Version


Broken Shackle 

Summons Raklette 


Preview of items and stats




1 in 5 chance to deal 2x damage
50% tribrid Boost
50% drop rate
50% luck
Prayer Restore Effect
Soulsplit Effect
Deals 10% of player's hitsplat as an additional hit ( similar to shadow Drake/ Shadow pet )


How to make Raksha Crossbow?

You can gather the required materials and head over to draconic forge 



Raksha Crossbow Stats


1 Handed Crossbow

Hit splats 3

Aoe ( 3 )


Blood Raksha Crossbow stats

Obtained by Combing Blood Dye with Raksha Crossbow


1 Handed Crossbow

Hitsplats 3

Aoe 3

1 in 10 chance to heal player based off your damage dealt 


Icy Raksha Crossbow

Obtained by combing Ice Dye with Raksha Crossbow


1 Handed Crossbow

Hitsplats 3

Aoe 3

1 in 10 chance to hit 2x Damage


Shadow Raksha Crossbow

Obtained by combing Shadow Dye with Raksha Crossbow


1 Handed Crossbow

Hitsplats 3

Aoe 3

1 in 10 chance to hit 1 additional hitsplat


Electric Raksha Crossbow

Obtained by combing Electric dye with Raksha Crossbow


1 Handed Crossbow

Hitsplats 3

Aoe 3

1 in 10 chance to "shock" target deals 30,000 damage per tick for 10 ticks


Holy Raksha Crossbow

Obtained by combing Holy Dye with Raksha Crossbow


1 Handed Crossbow

Hitsplats 3

Aoe 3

1 in 10 chance to restore prayer flat amount of 10 prayer point


Ultimate Raksha Crossbow

Obtained by Upgrading all various form of raksha crossbow on the draconic forge 



1 Handed Crossbow

Hitsplats 3

Aoe 3

1 in 10 chance to restore prayer flat amount of 10 prayer point

1 in 10 chance to "shock" target deals 30,000 damage per tick for 10 ticks

1 in 10 chance to hit 1 additional hitsplat

1 in 10 chance to hit 2x Damage

1 in 10 chance to heal player based off your damage dealt 


Shadow Drake (R) 

Obtained by Upgrading via Draconic Forge with Shadow Essence and Shadow Spike


Shadow Drake (R) bonuses

1 in 5 chance to deal 3x damage
50% tribrid Boost

50% Drop rate
50% Luck
Prayer Restore Effect
SoulSplit Effect

Deals 60% of owner's damage as an additional hit
( similar to Shadow Drake pet  just better stats )


Prestine Boots (i)  & Prestine Gloves (i)

Obtained by Upgrading via Draconic Forge






There will be a new set bonus when you equip both prestine boots and gloves (i)

1 in 10 chance to do double hit
1 in 10 chance to do 3x damage
30% tribrid bonus






Really? ( this is the question i asked myself sometimes.... )


This new simple quest is just an errand task to round around redemption kill various NPC ( 3 step quest )


Dababy can be found located at Home area 

Speak to him to get started on the quest


End of Quest reward 

*if you have an exisitng running membership it will extend it's duration by 2 weeks

*if you have an exisitng membershop lower than ELITE it will be overwritten regardless of your duration remaining






After much anticipation, Welcome to CoD lobby cancer.. ( jk ) 

Jokes aside, This feature will only be avaliable for ELITE MEMBERS only 

You can tune your audio settings via " all setting -> Audio " 




You can mute yourself or deafen via this buttons below your chatbox 



If you have speaker overhead turned on, other players will know which character is the speaking or whether there's any input in








Seasonpass has received an overhaul on the interface as well as how the entire system works

Previously, a seasonpass was level 500 filled with random boxes and junks till you reached the end goal of the seasonal sets / items

We have decided to change how you could easily complete the seasonpass if you are diligent enough to do the task! 

No more hassle of buying junk boxes to open for seasonpass exp 

Tasks now will be fixed on 10 task a day

10 Stars = 1 Level

Seasonpass will now cap at level 60.

Seasonpass will last for 60 days.


Task Daily Reset 
So if a player has completed 6 out of the 10 task.
They will lose their progress on reset and all 10 task will be reset
They will have to complete all 10 task to gain that 1 level for the day and wait till reset.


Your rewards are automatically sent to your bank / collection chest 


Note: if the player's seasonpass is already capped at 60.

They will receive a static prize PER LEVEL from this pool below
random roll and quantity of 1 

Diamond Bag (Event) 
Black Diamond Box (Event) 
2k19 Box Event 
2K20 Box Event 
Kismet Box Event
BFG9000 Goodiebox (10) 
Icy Glaive Goodiebox (10)
Seasonal Goodiebox 
2 Tactical Box Event
1 Box of Wisdom Event
3 Lottery Box 
1 10% Drop Rate Booster
1 2x Damage Card
5  Event Boxes



Miss out on your seasonpass task? want to progress faster? 

you can purchase Season Pass Level via HERE


Season pass Levels when opened will give a random amount of level 1 - 5 per consume 

Should you play diligently for the full duration of 60days, you wouldn't need to get Levels



Rewards shown here are for illustration purposes only


You can preview your tasks by mousing over each star 



Here is the list of potential Task you can receive 

10 random from this list everyday 

complete 10 slayer task
complete 3 Arcade run, Any mode
Gain 1000 Salvage Fragment 
Kill 250 Necromancer
Kill 250 MageGray 
Kill 250 Icy Skeleton
Kill 250 Penguin
Kill 250 Date or Hanzou
Kill 250 Riley Raid
Kill 250 Olafs 
Kill 250 Shadow King
Kill 250 Undead Lancelot
Kill 250 Oblivion Dragon
Kill 50 Vorkath 
Kill 50 Zulrah Normal
Kill 50 Alchemical Hydra
Kill 10 Nex
Kill 10 Lodsmok
Kill 10 Nightmare ( normal ) 
Kill 30 Raiden
Kill 30 Diablo
Kill 40 Vendura
Kill 40 Voldermort
Kill 40 O.G Dragon
Mine 100 Coal 
Mine 100 Mithril Ore 
Mine 100 Adamantite Ore 
Mine 100 Runite Ore
Mine 100 Tin Ore 
Mine 100 Copper Ore 
Mine 100 Iron Ore
Smith 50 Adamant PlateBody
Smith 100 Iron PlateBody 
Smith 75 Mithril PlateBody 
Smith 35 Rune Plate Body
Smith 50 Rune Scimitar 
Smelt 50 Bronze bar
Smelt 60 Iron Bar
Smelt 70 Mithril Bar 
Smelt 80 Adamant Bar
Smelt 75 Rune Bar 
Chop 100 Logs 
Chop 100 Magic Logs 
Chop 100 Yew Logs 
Chop 100 Oak Logs
Steal from Magic Stall 100 times
Steal from Food Stall 100 times
Steal from General Stall 100 times
Steal from Scimitar Stall 100 times 





Due to the impressive response from last year's halloween event, we have decided to relaunch the event again this year! 

If you have missed out on these cosmetics and awesome rewards this is your chance to get them again! 


You can access Halloween Area from a portal located at ::home





You can find Father Aerick at the top of the stairs to begin this years Halloween Quest! 


Quest Guide & Rewards:


Start: To start the quest you will need to speak with Father Aerick at the top of the stairs in the Halloweentown Hub!  


Item Requirements (Pre-Quest): Eye of Newt, a Rake, and a tinderbox.


Part I: 

Father Aerick needs your help gathering supplies to help cure a demonic possession after a man accidentally sold his soul to the Devil in order to save his wife. 

Three Items Father Aerick Needs:

Holy Water

Sleeping Powder 

Holy Cloth



Part II: How to get Holy Water:


Items needed: Holy Flask (Given to you by Father Aerick)

Holy FIlter (Given to you by Father Willard)


Speak with Father Willard located in the shack next to the Slayer Tower, he will give you a Holy Filter which will be used later on at the water pump. 



Location of the pump:

Make sure to have both the Holy Filter and the Holy Flask or you will not receive the Holy Water.

Located East of Father Willard




Once you use the water pump, your Holy Flask will turn into Holy Water




Part III: How to get Holy Garment:


Items needed: None


Location: Run north of Falador and follow the path all the way north until you see an altar location. (Seen below)

Kill the Holy Priest and retrieve the Holy Garment





Part IV: How to get Sleeping Powder:


Items Needed: Eye of Newt, Tinderbox, and a rake.


Go to Draynor Villiage and speak with the Witch who will instruct you to gather the items required for her to create the sleeping powder.

She will need an Eye of Newt, a Tinderbox, and some of her special weeds that she has planted, located in Canifis.


Location of the "Special Plants": 

You can find the mushroom patch just west of the Canifis town center. 




Rake the patch and you will get some Organic Dankweed.


Bring the Eye of Newt, Tinderbox, and the newly acquired Organic Dankweed back to the Witch in Draynor Village and she will give you the Sleeping Powder!


Part V:

Once you have collected the Holy Water, Holy Garment, and the Sleeping Powder, head back to Father Aerick and turn in the items.



Part VI: Boss Fight:

Father Aerick will give you back the Holy Water and tells you will need it to take down the Ghost Rider, located at ::Ghostrider




Location: ::Ghostrider


Hitpoints: 500K

Damage Cap: 25K

Attack Style: Melee but throws flames that do 25 damage if players stand on them



Ghost Rider will spawn 6 minions named Ghost Rider Essence which have 50K HP and will all need to be killed before you may attack the Ghost Rider again


When the boss is at 50K HP, he will no longer be able to to take player damage and will need to be killed by using the Holy Water on the boss. 



Reward: Speak to Blaze and go through the dialogue and he will reward you with the Headless Head




Players may fight Ghost Rider after the quest has been completed as many times as they wish, they can access the fight again via the ::Ghostrider command


Post Quest Boss Fight:

HP: 1.5M HP

Damage Cap: 75K

Mechanic: When the boss is at 50% health, he will spawn his 6 minions, which now have 100K HP, that must be killed before being able to attack the Ghost Rider again.


You no longer require Holy Water to kill the boss.


Ghost Rider Boss Drop Table:


1 out of 1

1-10 Gold Coin 


1 out of 10

1-5 Halloween Candy


1 out of 100

10-25 Gold Coin

5-25x Halloween Candy 


1 out of 250

Event Goodiebox 

Black Diamond Box (event) 

Diamond Bag (event) 

Royal Mystery Box (event) 

100 Gold Coins

25-75x Halloween Candy


1 out of 500

1-3 Halloween Keys









The Halloween Chest can be opened by Halloween Keys that can be purchased on our official store! You may also find these keys scattered around the Halloween content pieces like the Ghost Rider Boss, The Haunted House Raid, and the Jack-o-Kraken Global Boss!



15-75 Halloween Candy

1-10 Gold Coins



25-50 Halloween Candy

25 Gold Coin



100-250 Halloween Candy

75 Gold Coins

Warlock Top

Warlock Legs

Warlock Cloak

Pumpkin Lantern



100-250 Halloween Candy

Gravedigger Mask

Gravedigger Top

Gravedigger Leggings

Gravedigger Boots

Gravedigger Gloves



250-400 Halloween Candy

250 Gold Coin

Ghost Face Mask

Ghost Face Top

Ghost Face Robe

Hunting Knife

Spider Cape



Upgrade Protection Card

Perfect Enchantment Stone

Platinum Coin

Flying Pumpkin Pet

Halloween Cape

Bow of Arachnia



Grimreaper Hood (cosmetic)

H'ween Boots (cosmetic)

H'ween Gloves (cosmetic)

H'ween Lantern (costmetic)

H'ween Hat (costmetic)

Chucky Pet 

Halloween Icon (cosmetic)

Halloween Scythe


Jack's Suit (cosmetic)

Jack's leggings (cosmetic)

Jack'o' Lantern Head (cosmetic)

Wolf Ears (cosmetic)

Wolf Top (cosmetic)

Wolf Legs(cosmetic)

Spooky Spider (cosmetic)

Eek (cosmetic)

Ghostly (Shadow Pet Stats)

Georgie Pet (Baby Yoda Stats

Pennywise Mask (Cosmetic)

Bow of Arachnia

Pumpkin Descimator (Untradeable)

Pumpkin Descimator Offhand (Untradeable)



Ghostly Pet: Shadow Pet stats (tradeable)


Georgie Pet: Baby Yoda Pet stats (tradeable)



Flying Pumpkin Pet: Thanos Pet stats (tradeable)




Spider Cape (cosmetic)



Pennywise Mask (Cosmetic)



Ghost Face Set: (Cosmetic)

Hunting Knife:

Scythe of Vitur stats




Halloween Cape:

2.5K tribrid stats (300% magic bonus)

10% DR, DDR, Luck






Grave Digger Set:


Warlock Set: (Cosmetic)



Bow of Arachnia: 



Pumpkin Descimators (Descimator Stats)








The population of Darkmeyer is decreasing rapidly and there is a Vampyre Merchant in town center selling corpses out of his cart in the Halloween Town, there must be a connection to this.....





There has been a small group of Halloween criminals that have escaped and our running a fake haunted house to trick tourists into entering! Stop them from supplying the Vampyre Merchant to help restore Darkmeyer before it's too late!





What is happening in the basement?!



Fear Meter:

Players will have a fear meter above their heads that measure the fear level of your player while in the Haunted House. When the bar fills up players will be paralyzed by their fear for 3 seconds. You can avoid filling up your meter by avoiding regular attacks from the monsters inside. Moving around while inside the raid will reduce the risk of a full meter and lower your total fear.


All damage will be capped at 250K damage per attack.



HP: 5M


You will be greeted by the Ghost Face killer, Scream, when you enter the haunted house!  He is eager to stab whoever enters the doors of the Haunted House! He will threaten players with stunning attacks that increase damage taken by 50%



HP: 5M


Dracula will heal for 100x damage dealt 



HP: 5M


Frankenstein has awoken and he is not in the mood for mortal souls entering his room.  Frankenstein will attack players with brute force and electrical attacks that can stun players and make them vulnerable to massive amounts of pain.


?Michael Myers?

HP: 5M


In the kitchen before you go down the basement, you will run into MIchael Myers and he is ready to end your life. 

When Michael Myers triggers his special attack, players will be dealt a bleeding effect and lose passive damage for the duration of 5 seconds. 

(Damage will reduce by 50% over 3 seconds)


Your player will turn red when you are impacted by bleed damage.


?Grim Reaper?

HP: 7.5M


The Grim Reaper will spawn demonic circles on the ground and if players stand on them they will take 20 damage per game tick! Make sure to move or death will be in your immediate future.


Grim Reaper also summons a tornado of souls that will surround the player and do 12 damage per game tick while the tornado is active, this cannot be dodged.



HP: 10M





The leader of all suffering, Pennywise has crawled his way out of the sewer and you have found his murderer's paradise, fresh bodies entering his house everyday supplying him with all the fear he needs to survive!



Drop Table:



1-10 Halloween Candy

1-20 Gold Coins


Rare: 1:50

Antique Lamp

1-3 2x Damage Cards

10-50 Halloween Candy

Mega Lottery Box

Ultra Pet Box

Event Goodiebox

Diamond Bag (Event)

Black Diamond Box (Event)

Royal Mystery Box (Event)


Ultra Rare: 1:500

10-25 Halloween Keys

Ghostface Mask

Ghostface Robe Top

Ghostface Robe Bottoms

Hunting Knife

Pennywise Mask

Georgie Pet 

Michael Myers Mask 

Michael Myers Jacket 

Michael Myers Pants

Grim Reaper Hood



? Don't be another body on the Corpse Cart. ?





The Halloween Global Boss is here! Jack-o-Kraken can be found in the Haunted Campground wreaking havoc on all the campers!


You can find spawn the Jack-O-Kraken by depositing 2500 Halloween Candy, obtained from the other Halloween activities, into the Halloween basket located in Halloweentown.

DO NOTE THAT CANDIES from the PREVIOUS EVENT will not be eligible.




Once the amount has been reached, players will be alerted that the boss will spawn in 3 minutes.

Type ::Halloween to teleport to the location of the boss, it will be found at the lake.


Mechanics: Jack-o-Kraken has the ability to boil the lake water and burn its victims no matter if they are in the water or not! Avoid the mist clouds that rise from the lake to prevent further damage!





Drop Table

No Double Drops

Damage minimum to qualify: 200K



2.0x Damage Card

Event Goodiebox



1-30 Gold Coins

5-10 Halloween Keys

1-3 Royal Mystery Box

1-3 Ultra Pet Box

1-3 Mega Lottery Box

Warlock Top

Warlock Legs

Warlock Cloak

Pumpkin Lantern



10-25 Halloween Keys

Diamond Bag (Event)

Black Diamond Box (Event)

Gravedigger Mask

Gravedigger Top

Gravedigger Leggings

Gravedigger Boots

Gravedigger Gloves



25-100 Halloween Keys

500 Gold Coins

Flying Pumpkin Pet



Upgrade Protection Card

Perfect Enchantment Stone

Platinum Coin

Spider Cape



Grimreaper Hood

H'ween Boots

H'ween Gloves

H'ween Lantern

H'ween Hat

Chucky Pet

Halloween Icon

Halloween Scythe


Jack's Suit

Jack's leggings

Jack o lantern head

Wolf Ears

Wolf Top

Wolf Legs

Spooky Spider


Pumpkin Descimator9000
Pumpkin Descimator9000 Offhand





Halloween Boxes are back now theme'd with bunch of halloween related cosmetics and some new weapons and armor to collect! 

You can purchase halloween boxes from here


Halloween Box has a chance to give Halloween Coin

If you collect 10 halloween coin, you are able to combine it in your inventory to get 1 halloween box! 


Top reward Showcase

Halloween Crossbow 

Hitsplats 3 
Speed 0.6
AOE  3


Venom set ( each piece drops seperately )


Middle Finger Sceptre 

Hitsplats 3 
Speed 0.6
AOE  3


Scythe of Pumpkin

Hitsplats 3 
Speed 0.6
AOE  3



Spooky Raven Pet 


( Identical to Shadow Drake Pet )

Deals 50% of the owner's damage as an additional hit(similar to Shadow Pet's 30% as an additional hit)             
1/5 chance to deal 2.5x damage         
35% Tribrid Boost
50% Drop Rate
50% Luck
Prayer Restore Effect 
Soulsplit Effect


The unique thing about this LIMITED Spooky Raven pet, you are able to upgrade it via Pet Master Pete

allowing you to place totems on to the pet as you level it up, making it better than shadow drake! 

Spooky Raven Pet (B) stats 

Deals 50% of the owner's damage as an additional hit(similar to Shadow Pet's 30% as an additional hit)                    
1/5 chance to deal 3x damage
50% Tribrid Boost
60% Drop Rate
50% Luck
Prayer Restore Effect
Soulsplit Effect





Sick of wasting your efforts on trying to get a top reward from star box, or Superstar Box ?

Prestigious Star Box is now available over here


Prestigious Star box will only roll the TOP rewards from Star Boxes series
Whenever you open a prestigious star box, it will roll randomly to give 1 reward from this list below 

Item Such as 

Shadow Drake Pet 
$250 Custom Credit Scroll
$100 Custom Credit scroll
Shadow pet
Baby Yoda pet
Kaiser Ring
Doomsblade Set
Staff of awakening
Bow of awakening
Kaiser Fragment
Executive Totem
Primordial Crystal
Pegasian Crystal
$50 Custom Credit scroll
Little Nightmare 
AFK Icon (RED)
AFK Icon (Blue)
AFK Icon (Purple)
AFK Icon (Green)
AFK Icon (White)
Crimson Chin Pet
Slayer Master Set

50 Platinum Coin
100 Platinum Coin

250 Platinum Coin






?️Fixed Nex Dash causing players to crash randomly 


?️Fixed some issues with certain NPCs Healthbar remaining after kill


?️Fixed Certain bosses HealthBar not showing the percentage of health remaining 


?️Added Timer overlay for muscle milk, mystic milk and archer's milk


?️Reduced respawn rate at ::train, npcs there will now respawn in 5 seconds


?️Added Shortcut command for Miss Fortune " ::mf ""


?️Made certain Event boxes stackable


?️Made a Starter Set box for staff members to handout for players who has issues with their starter set


?️Fixed certain issues with AdminBoss / EventBoss


?️Fixed Certain issues with Bank tabs not merging correctly 


?️Fixed Placeholder issues with Bank tabs 


?️Fixed some issues with Deals board timer issues


?️Changed Vote Boss Model to be Big Pepe


?️Added New drop to Voteboss " Lil pepe "

    i) if pet is summoned at voteboss
       Player will receive 1 in 30 chance to double roll on the droptable 


?️Added New Diamond Coin (1T) ( 1000 x Platinum Coin (1B) )




?️Added a New Slayer unlock 

       i) Itsy Bitsy Spider... 

          - unlocks ability to get araxxor as a slayer task ( Requires Boss Task ) 

          - Slayer Points required 1250


?️Fixed some issues with Nex, when you die, you will now respawn at the lobby


?️Fixed some weird camera zoom issues 


?️Added 10X spin function on all slot machine


?️Nerfed Inquisitor Mace

     i) Reduced Hitsplats to 3 

    ii) Now has a 1 in 15 chance to deal an additonal hitsplat


?️Fountain of Fortune Changes

     i) Reduced the Cost to fill up the fountain by 40 - 50% 

    ii) You can no longer get Custom Credit Scroll from Fountain

   iii) Every 25B cash sacrificed offers a 1 in 25 chance at rolling a chance for platinum coin

       - 25x 1B Coin  if no other table is reached 
         50x 1B Coin  1/20 chance 
         100x 1B Coin 1/50 chance
         250x 1B Coin 1/200 chance
         500x 1B Coin 1/500 chance 
        1000x 1B Coin 1/8000 chance

    ii) Damage Boost values are now tripled 

          Level 1 +15% damage

          Level 2 +30% damage

          Level 3 +45% damage

          Level 4 +60% damage

          Level 5 +75% damage


?️Grinder Shop Changes, Infinity Aura Upgrade Scroll cost reduced by 20% 

?️Grinder changes   
* notice that the higher your custom credit scroll, the lesser points it gives, this is to discourage players to grind it and use it for their custom instead *

      i) Kaiser Ring 

          Old value 100,000 Grinder Points 

          New Value 600,000 Grinder Points

     ii) Kaiser Necklace  

          Old value 150,000 Grinder Points 

          New Value 1,200,000 Grinder Points

      iii) Stone of Power 

           3000 Grinder Points

      iv) Platinum Prayer Scroll

            750 Grinder Points 

       v) $50 Custom Credit Scroll

            1,000,000 Grinder Points

      vi) $100 Custom Credit Scroll

            1,250,000 Grinder Points

      vii) $250 Custom Credit Scroll 

             2,250,000 Grinder Points 

     viii) $1 Custom Credit Scroll

              30,000 Grinder Points

       ix) $5 Custom Credit Scroll

             150,000 Grinder Points 

        x) $10 Custom Credit Scroll

              300,000 Grinder Points

       xi) $25 Custom Credit Scroll 

               750,000 Credit Scroll 

      xii) Shadow Drake Pet

              3,000,000 Grinder Points

      xiii) Prestine Gloves 

              1,500,000 Grinder Points

       xiv) Prestine Boots

              1,500,000 Grinder Points

        xv) Demon Cape 

              2,250,000 Grinder Points

       xvi) Eye of Skadi Bow

               2,250,000 Grinder Points






?Increased Paulinso BlackJack Table's Bet size, up to 30B

?Added Custom Eye of Skadi Bow - Apolo Toxic Bow 

?Added 50 x 50 Aoe on Apolo Toxic Bow 

?Added Custom Elemental Fury Staff - Burger's Elemental Fury

?Added 10% Drop rate on Burger's Elemental Fury

?Added 4th Hitsplat for Bob's Blumpkin

?Added Custom Prestine Glove - Sharkie Gloves

?Added 1 in 10 chance to double hit on Sharkie Gloves

?Added 4th and 5th Hitsplat on Bad Decision's Custom weapon

?Corrected Technical Spectacle examine text to " Tucker did it - Michael J. Caboose " 

?Added Custom Skull Descimator - Whip's Desci 

?Added Custom Book of Hell(V)(u) - Recipe for Disaster

?Added Custom Baby Yoda Pet - Bruno

?Added Custom Prestine Boots - Bamboo Flip Flops

?Added Custom Prestine Gloves - Prostate Gloves

?Added 4th Hitsplat for RBZ's Nutcracker 

?Added 5th Hitsplat for RBZ's Nutcracker 

?Added 1 in 5 chance to 2x damage on  RBZ's Nutcracker 

?Added Custom Descimator - 19 Inch Pleasure Pumpkin

?Added Custom Descimator - Unkles Descimator

?Added 4th Hitsplat to RiceBalls

?Added Custom Elemental Fury Staff - Mitch His Hayfork

?Added 50x50 and 10katk/str to Mitch His HayFork

?Added Custom Elemental Fury Staff - Debra

?Added 50x50 and 10katk/str to Debra

?Added Custom Descimator - DEATHS REMAINS






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