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Update #13: Introduction to Salvage, Starter revamp and more..


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Introducing Salvage, our new refined skill that will be taking over grinder
Previously Grinder served no purpose other than to sink items in rewards for cash and other amenities

Salvage will be linked towards Socketing your gears, giving you more stats and much more value as compared to what we previously had, grinder


Salvaging table is located at ::upgrade 

Blacksmith to access your gear socketing is located just beside the Salvaging Table at ::upgrade



Salvaging Items will always be expanded on, for now 

These are the list of items you can salvage 

Salvage List


Salvage Table Function


Salvaging items will take roughly 3 seconds per item

You will be able to stop the process anytime if you plan to change your mind


Salvage fragments are capped at 1600 per 24 hours. 

Salvage Fragments is a currency used for purchasing stuff from the Blacksmith's weekly rotating shop

Each item on the shop is stocked and will never replenish, hence if you would like a specific item from the shop, you gotta be quick! Before it gets sold out!



You can now socket any equip-able item up to 3 sockets, with the 3rd socketed being tied to your Elite Membership

Non membership players can unlock up to 2 sockets per equip


Each Socket Cost Salvage Fragments to unlock

Socket 1 : 150 Salvage Fragment 

Socket 2 : 400 Fragment 

Socket 3 : 1000 Salvage, However it will only apply the Gem if you have Elite Membership



How do you get Gems?
You can get Gems from BlackSmith Shop

Bountiful Gem Box

Or you can purchase them through our store




Bountiful Gem Box will give a minimal gem tier level of 4 up to Tier 13


How do you get higher tier gems?

You would require 3 of the same tier / type of gem together with some Salvage Fragments

Combining will be done through your inventory 


Success Rate Table

                    Gem Level  Success Rate    Salvage Fragment Req
Level 1    90%    25
Level 2    85%    50
Level 3     80%    75
Level 4    75%    100
Level 5    70%    125
Level 6    65%    150
Level 7    60%    175
Level 8    60%    200
Level 9    60%    225
Level 10    60%    250
Level 11    60%    275
Level 12    60%    300



     Tier 1    0.5% Damage 
Tier 2    1% damage
   Tier 3     1.5% damage

Tier 4    2% damage
   Tier 5    2.5% damage
Tier 6    3% damage
  Tier 7    3.5% damage
Tier 8    4% damage
  Tier 9    4.5% damage
 Tier 10    5% damage
   Tier 11    5.5% damage
 Tier 12    6% damage
Tier 13    7% damage


Removing of Gems from sockets 

You will require a Gem Removal Chisel, which can be obtained from the Blacksmith's Weekly Rotating Shop

Removing a Gem will be a 50/50 chance for it to be destoryed when removed



Noteable New Additions from BlackSmith Shop

Gem Removeal Chisel

2.8x Damage Cards ( 20 minutes )

Bountiful Gem Box


Clean Slate Scroll

Have you ever enchanted your weapon or specific gear and felt that you want to switch things up?
Clean Slate Scroll will be your best solution to get back as much value of Dream Enchantment Stones 

It will always return 90% of your enchantment level ( rounded up ) back in Dream enchantment stones 

Just apply the scroll to your desired enchanted item!











We have decided to simplfy starting out in redemption, not only that.. we have decided to give the starter set a fresh new look and better stats! 



7f69df3f36afb5a13e4e5e84b47ea82e (1).png

Items you will receive when starting out on redemption

Starter set, Starter Pistol, Stater Staff, Starter sword, enchanted gem ( slayer ), Starter gem, Royal mystery Box ( untradable ) and 1 collector's necklace


No longer you would need to do long winded tutorials!

If you do intend not to skip starter, you will be teleported around redemption for a very brief moment to showcase what are some of the useful areas and commands

Its all dialogue based and its very quick and simple!






Just by looking at the stats, you must be wondering...

How do you have 25% bonuses in range. melee and mage?

How do you have 35% Drop rate? 

My dear comrades.. Its because of this new STARTER GEM! 



It is a timed based gem that will be destroyed after 2 weeks ( 14 days )

Just by having it in your inventory will massive boost your character's stats and give a bunch of bonuses! 
this will 100% help new players ease their way into the game! 

Here's the list of effects! 

  2x Slayer Points gain
    2x Damage increase
    5 Health point per Hitsplat Healing effect
    1 Slayer Key per task complete
    15% Drop Rate
    20% Luck Bonus
    Prayer Restore Perks
    10% Tribrid damage boost
    A 1 in 5 chance of dealing 2.5x your max hit in damage to your main target







New training dummies to showcase your damage at ::home ( behind shops )

The Dummy can be toggled between modes 










Cooking Island 

Introduced for New players or players of any kind, to make some decent cash on the side while cooking food!

You can enter Cooking Island by clicking on Teleport - Minigames - Cooking Island



You will need some cash to purchase Recipe Books from Ogre Merchant

5M per Recipes 

With each Recipes learnt, your next recipe book will cost 1.25x more 

You cannot / hold more than 1 Recipe Book 

You are required to learn the recipe before attempting to purchase another book


Recipes learnt are at random and unique to your character, it will never duplicate a recipe learnt



You can gather ingredients from 3 points on the Cooking Island 

Each Point is categorized into Vegetables, Meat & Seafood and Normal stuffs ( kekw)

Here's the list of ingredients 


Meat & Seafood
Meat Chunks



Chilli Pepper
Wild vegetable


Normal Stuffs

Bay Leaf
Bird Eggs


You are allowed to AFK at these points by gathering ingredients !



You can attempt to cook your ingredients if you have the required ingredients per recipe 

at the Range












The Treasure Vault

Brand new activity to give players additional rewards for voting / donating!


How does this function work?

Treasure Vault will only open when the vote event happens 40/40 votes

* or when an admin decides to open up *

The map will be opened for 60minutes!

After 60minutes, the map will be closed and remaining players inside will be forced out regardless of your time left




Not just anyone can enter the map, you are required to earn your time to enter the map!

You will gain 1minute for every vote you claim ( 3 codes - 3 minutes )

You will gain 20minutes for every $50 donated

Player's time stored can be check via ::treasurevault 


*note that infinity is for admins only* 


Once the Vault is opened, Players can then teleport there with their stored time collected from the sources stated above

Your Objective would be to pickpocket the Leprechaun! 

This green lil shit gives some of the best cash drops and potentailly rare top rewards of custom credit scrolls!

Occassionally the Redemption Team will put up better rewards into the Leprechaun!









Owner Box is our new addition of cool collectable and best box reward rates! 

Owner Box will introduce a new type of consumable made just to stack with our existing damage cards

"Summer Cocktail Damage" this consumables are mainly common on the table and will boost your damage up towards the sky! 

Obtain some of the best items ingame personally chosen by the Owner, ourselves.


We plan to make this box constantly updated with the best new collectable, such as for this season..

Shark theme equipments! Collect Weapons such as our Shark Fist, Shark pet and our new cape.


Example Reward of 10,000 Owner Boxes









?️Removed the command ::maxhit

?️Removed Vendura from being assigned as a slayer task
?️Removed Voldermort from being assigned as a slayer task
?️Removed O.G Dragon from being assigned as a slayer task
?️Removed Raiden from being assigned as a slayer task

?️Removed Riley Raid's Stun mechanic ( it's just too annoying )

?️Added ::boost for Diamond to be 1.7x damage

?️Adjusted all donor rank ::boost duration to be fixed at 20 minutes, with a downtime of 40minutes

?️Changed Shadow Pet's Inventory Model to not look like a black box

?️Added Legacy Damage Splat support 

?️Added Hitsplat Shorten option, however this will show Legacy hitsplats only 

?️Added Teleport option to Munition Keys 

?️Added New Range Weapon " Eye of Skadi Bow "

?️Added Executive Package Crate

?️Added Owner's Package Crate

?️Fixed Sanguine Scythe of Vitur Issues

?️Fixed NPC Aggro Issues 

?️Fixed Hydra's issues again..... ( hopefully this is the last time we see this )

?️Removed the option to sell back items to Raid Point Shop

?️Increase Lodsmok Lobby Size to 15

?️Fixed Issues with Grotesque Guardian bell misclick during fight

?️Arcade Shop Price revised, removed old junks

?️Fixed some issues with Karma Bosses 

?️Fixed Demonic Guardian Aggro bug abuse 

?️Fixed ::swapprayer bug abuse

?️Fixed Shadow Drake Goodiebox visual bug

?️Fixed MageGray's Teleport coords

?️Added Starter Gem

?️Added Vote Gem to Vote Shop

 ?️Vote gem is used to increase your damage, feed it 2 Vote Tickets every 12 hourly to gain more damage boost! 

?️Added OSRS Skill tab interface, New Custom Icons for certain skills

?️Removed Grinder Skill, Replaced with Salvage

?️Grinder Points, Shop and etc will remain until we plan to phase out, do not panic.......

?️Engine work that now gives sharper color and much more vibrant colors of surroundings 

?️Disabled Recycle Well

?️Added Staff members to be able to get Mr X event procs

?️Added Prestine Gloves, Prestine Boots and Demon Cape 

?️Added Weapon Bundle items 

?️Added Telos Streaking rewards, as you go up in streaks, you get a change to double / triple / quadruple your item

?️Added Battle Pet Preset unlocks

?️Added New Consumable, Summer Cocktails damage and drop rates ( damage stacks with damage cards ) enjoy your new high hits :)

?️Added ::updates command for players to use, this will open up their browser linked to wiki's version of update thread


Eye of Skadi Bow stats


AOE 3x3
Speed 1
Drop rate 20%
Luck 20%
3 hit splat


Prestine Gloves


10% Drop rate

10% luck

20% tribrid boost


Prestine Boots


10% Drop rate

10% Luck

20% tribrid boost


Demon Cape


30% drop rate

50% luck

50% tribrid boost





?Added Hansom Ransom Armour Set

?Added Dutch's (b) pet 

?Added Paulinso BlackJack Table

?Added Riceball's 1 in 10 to 2x

?Added Apolo’s Toxic Gun.
?Added Taro Drape.
?Added Deathkill’s Dutch Pet 
?Added Marc’s Pet’s 1 in  5 to 3.5x
?Added Roid’s Memory
?Added Shark Attack.

?Added Booty Cape

?Added Orby's Icy Dragon Kite Shield

?Added Jonn's Attitude Corrector 

?Added Bamb's Cape ( man doesn't want people to know his cape name )

?Added Sigi's lil offhand 

?Added Bum's Awakening

 ?Added Bum's DrakeSlayer Shield

?Added American Bum

?Added A Dragon's bum

?Added Skull Descimator0

?Added Dutch's Pride

?Added MK's Machine

?Added Mr Hotdog upgrades


?Added Bonza's Bun

?Added Agnus Dei

?Added Wanking Glove's upgrades

?Added 1st / 2nd / 3rd Olympic Icons 

?Added Blitzcrank9000's Upgrades 

?Added Banger's Descimator

?Increased Ransom Casino Bet size 
?Fixed Marc’s Pet Slayer bonuses issues
?Fixed Sofa King HC’s pet issues 
?Fixed Pinne’s 1 in 5 to 2x issues

?Fixed Ketamine Cowboy's hit splat issues 

?Fixed Hick's Staff again.....

?Fixed Sweaty's Drop 

?Fixed Roid's Memory 

?Fixed Huntir's offhand texture





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