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Araxxor Guide

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For those unsure on how to complete new boss!


Notes -


3 phase fight (initial phase, kiting phase, final phase)


(You will get Teleported during kiting phase)


(Araxxor will heal after each phase)


Step 1: Teleport to boss and enter "Webbed entrance".


Step 2: Choose a path (north or south web).


Step 3: Burn chosen web for your path as soon as you can (you can only burn one path).


Step 4: Kite/Drag Araxxor to the end of the path until you reach wider path/gap (you will see a gap between islands).


Step 5: Lower Araxxor health until he teleports you to other island/other side of gap (final phase)


Step 6: Finish off Araxxor and loot the body (only have 3 minutes to loot).

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