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Monthly Voting February


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Dear Redemption Community,

We are happy to announce that Monthly Voting is back again! This means every month we choose our top members in various skills & positions!



By voting you will receive a free Event Goodiebox - after the results are posted!

Upon the voting reward of this event, there will also be 3 Golden Winners that will be randomly selected. All players who win a category will receive a special reward!

- 3 Golden Winners (Voters) will receive 2.5B Cash!

- All winners that won a category will receive $100 Store Credit!



We have finally decided to bring back a special forum event! Every month the community will vote for our top members in the categories below. After 10 days have passed we will close voting and post the results the next day. Once the results have been posted we will give out rewards to the voters & winners!


In order for this to work we have added some rules:

Any members found to be breaking these rules will be disqualified immediately and votes removed. Repeated abuse will result in further action determined on severity.

- You are not allowed to vote for yourself!

- You are not allowed to abuse the system in any way to get more participation rewards!

- You are not allowed to tell people to vote for you!




j5A8NJr.png Most Kind j5A8NJr.png


HZWoc8V.pngBest Flower Poker PlanterHZWoc8V.png

JCxnK20.png Best PVM'er JCxnK20.png


 G4xZMHP.pngBest NewcomerG4xZMHP.png


VdKhqrZ.png Most Potential Shown VdKhqrZ.png


MUmt9UF.png Event Nerd MUmt9UF.png


hhPXy3H.png The Spammer hhPXy3H.png


5aGJSxs.png The Slayer Legend 5aGJSxs.png


 ZQAixL0.pngBest IronmanZQAixL0.png


IbfSngz.pngBest Event StaffIbfSngz.png


  Cby4MhV.pngMost Respected GamblerCby4MhV.png


Nq5Duul.pngMost Active on DiscordNq5Duul.png


rUFhiEF.pngMost Respected Non-Staff Member rUFhiEF.png


4sD2bzZ.gifRdfLicR.giffUmhdu7.gifMost Active In-game Non-Staff MemberfUmhdu7.gifRdfLicR.gif4sD2bzZ.gif

 4sD2bzZ.gifBest Helper4sD2bzZ.gif

CAUJTVv.gifRdfLicR.gifP1E2bUS.gifBest Moderator (Including Forums)P1E2bUS.gifRdfLicR.gifCAUJTVv.gif

fUmhdu7.gif4hN4viQ.gifZy0yu0L.gifBest Administrator (Including Forums)Zy0yu0L.gif4hN4viQ.giffUmhdu7.gif

 ZOIwQnP.gifBest Staff MemberZOIwQnP.gif



Click on the "Vote Now" Picture to vote.

Thanks in advance, we appreciate every single participant!

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