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Monthly Voting December Results


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Dear Redemption Community,

We hosted the monthly voting event, where people had to fill in a specific format.

In this format, they had to fill in their top member on several roles/positions. This can vary from best staff member to best pvm'er.


Please note

Your prize will be in your collection chest when this thread is posted.




j5A8NJr.png Most Kind j5A8NJr.png

- @Jonn


HZWoc8V.pngBest Flower Poker PlanterHZWoc8V.png

- @4 Real Irish

JCxnK20.png Best PVM'er JCxnK20.png

- @huntir & @yellow1 (50$ each store credit)


 G4xZMHP.pngBest NewcomerG4xZMHP.png



rUFhiEF.pngMost Respected Non-Staff Member rUFhiEF.png

- @Hc Greg& @The dibber (50$ each store credit)


VdKhqrZ.png Most Potential Shown VdKhqrZ.png

- @Golden Dabs & @Acee  (50$ each store credit)

  UApXqcb.pngBest YoutuberUApXqcb.png

- @Eggy


 Nq5Duul.pngMost Active on DiscordNq5Duul.png

- @Golden Dabs & @Cloud (50$ each store credit)


 ZQAixL0.pngBest IronmanZQAixL0.png

- @bowlcut(GIM Lumb) & @Christopher


IbfSngz.pngBest Event StaffIbfSngz.png

- @Cherie Lee


 R6S3OCo.pngBest Wiki EditorR6S3OCo.png

- @NocturnalT0


  Cby4MhV.pngMost Respected GamblerCby4MhV.png

- @4 Real Irish


4sD2bzZ.gifRdfLicR.giffUmhdu7.gifMost Active In-gamefUmhdu7.gifRdfLicR.gif4sD2bzZ.gif

- @Jonn


P1E2bUS.gifZy0yu0L.gifMost Active ForumsZy0yu0L.gifP1E2bUS.gif

- @peripheral


CAUJTVv.gif4hN4viQ.gifMost Active Overall 4hN4viQ.gifCAUJTVv.gif

- @Jonn

 4sD2bzZ.gifBest Helper4sD2bzZ.gif

- @Acee

CAUJTVv.gifRdfLicR.gifP1E2bUS.gifBest Moderator (Including Forums)P1E2bUS.gifRdfLicR.gifCAUJTVv.gif

- @Prosignia

fUmhdu7.gif4hN4viQ.gifZy0yu0L.gifBest Administrator (Including Forums)Zy0yu0L.gif4hN4viQ.giffUmhdu7.gif

- @Dutch

 ZvGqhD6.gifMost Respected Staff MemberZvGqhD6.gif

- @Willy

 ZOIwQnP.gifBest Staff MemberZOIwQnP.gif

- @Dutch






Congratulations to all winners!

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