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Sports' Goals/Achievements


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Hello everyone. Just thought Id share some of my long term and short term goals here.

I will try to update this whenever I achieve one of these goals.

My main money maker has been slayer and Bomberman, while going to as many vote bosses and donation bosses as I can. 

I would love to hear any feedback, advice, or tips you guys might have to help me on my journey. 


Current Gear setup:


d50d3684a395ec191a922b9f21e08b2c.png +b810440c0ec03f04c74b4783495c6ed1.png


Elemental Fury Staff +10

Ancient Wyvern Shield +10

Skull Descimator 9000 BP tier 9 +11

Skull Descimator offhand BP tier 9 +11

Toxic Rounds +11

Ferocious Gloves +4

Ghostly Pet

Slayer Master Set +10


Short Term Goals:


Upgrade Descimator Mainhand to Skull Descimator Mainhand: 16 Attempts (12/14/21)

Upgrade Descimator Offhand to Skull Descimator Offhand: 3 Attempts (12/18/21)

Weapon Battlepass tier 9 for these (12/23/2021)

+10 enchants on both mainhand and offhand (Mainhand 1/5/2022) (Offhand 1/12/2022)

Omen Set (12/28/2021)

Power Arrow (12/28/2021)

Unlock Boss Slayer tasks (12/7/21)

Crimson Chin Pet

Complete Dreamland

Long Term Goals:


Achievement cape | P1 | P2 | P3 | P4 | P5 | (2/2/22)

Slayer Prestige 3

Slayer Master Set (Ultimate Slayer Master Helmet achieved)

Slayer Master hammer

Slayer Master Cape

Executive Totem & Rank (129 GB's opened and 125b to the Fountain)

Lava Strykewyrm Set

Elite Lava Strykewyrn Set

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23 hours ago, Syrius said:

Hey Sports, can i ask what was your method of training Karma? I'm only at 99 at the moment and not 100% sure what else I should do to get it up quicker heh.

Hey Syrius! Unfortunately the best way to train karma is to buy karma food from plats. Its very expensive but for a bis item, its worth it. Im not sure how much it would cost now since karma food is becoming a bit more expensive. 

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@Hephaistos Here is your close enough to 2 week update lol.


I was able to get Toxic Rounds (3) as a drop and bought the other 2 pieces to create Toxic Rounds. This is a huge upgrade and has boosted my DPS by alot. 



I was also able to acquire the Ultimate Slayer Master helmet. I am still working on obtaining the rest of the Slayer master set. 

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Another HUGE achievement!!!! After 129 failed goodiebags and 125b to the fountain, I finally achieved the Executive Rank!  bbc8994a615ae99744ba79894a8efe85.png6537f3894c6d54302bd681e2fce1f600.png


I also finally obtained the Slayer Master set! Now to keep grinding for P5 slayer, Slayer gloves and boots, and Slayer Hammer. 

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